My Top Ten TV Shows that Deserve to be Watched Twice!!! Show #7!

Television show #7 is… “Seinfeld!”


Yes folks, Larry David has struck again!!! This show would make his and so many others’ careers. “Seinfeld” has gone down as one of the best television shows of all time and boy was it a hit right from the start!

Now, I’m sure a lot of you are sick and tired of hearing about “Seinfeld.” If you grew up in the 90’s like myself, I can understand why. This show was huge! Bigger than any show I have ever experienced. Everyone was talking about it and a good percentage of the nation was tuning in every week, eager to see what amount of nothing the crew was up to.

Then after the much talked about season finale, which disappointed most fans, the show went into syndication. Every time you turned on the television, you would hear about “Seinfeld” re-runs playing on this station or that one. And still they continued to boast how great the show was and how it’s the best show ever made. Well, I don’t know about you folks, I mean, I like to reminisce, but no one would let this show die and I quickly got tired of hearing about it. This television phenomenon would continue to run for years after the show cancelled and is still running today. The public just likes to watch “Seinfeld” over and over, again and again.

Now, no matter how sick and tired of the show I am, I still can’t deny that “Seinfeld” is pure genius. That is why “Seinfeld” is on my list. Personally, I like “Curb Your Enthusiam” much more, but I have watched quite a few “Seinfeld” re-runs throughout my life. I actually went through a little “Seinfeld” phase, where I would watch re-runs every night. So, I figured I had to put it on this list because there was a day when I absolutely loved the show! A show about nothing with some of the most interesting characters I have ever witnessed, my favorite being Newman.

Larry David showed his genius by taking a comic’s personality on stage and building a show around him. Let me tell you this, I have seen Jerry Seinfeld on stage and he is not funny at all. What made him famous was Larry David, who took his on stage delivery and made pure art out of it in the form of a show. Everyone knows how Seinfeld delivers a joke but most can’t repeat one single joke the man has written. That shows you that the television sitcom was what made Seinfeld famous, not his comedy.

But never less, you can’t deny this show’s talent and success. I still will stop and watch an episode here and there, if the time permits. Each episode is hilarious and is basically about nothing. Audiences’ can relate to the everyday, outrageous situations because the characters are just average, everyday schmoes who live in the Big Apple. Even though I haven’t watched the whole series from beginning to end, I highly recommend this show if you have never seen it. You will be quickly looking for another episode to watch. If you like it or not, “Seinfeld” will be aired on tv for years to come and will always be a show that I admire. If you want to see an episode, just turn on the television. I’m sure it will be syndicated on a few stations.

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