My Top Ten TV Shows that Deserve to be Watched Twice!!! Show #5!

And Television Show #5 is… “The Office!”

The office

I know what you’re thinking… he just put that show at #6! Well, it’s the British version I am talking about this time and it’s the original concept of this brilliant show which would be revamped as an American version. This is where it started folks, in July 2001. “The Office” would air for the first time on BBC and would become one of the most talked about television shows in network history. This show is nothing short of genius and ranks higher than the American version for two main reasons. The British version was the first and this show knew when to quit, leaving us wanting more.

If you haven’t seen the American version, I highly recommend starting with the English version first. At first, I wouldn’t watch the American version at all because I loved the British version so much. I felt they were remaking it and would do it no justice. Well, when I’m wrong, I say I’m wrong and I couldn’t be more wrong about this topic. The American version would go on to be absolutely brilliant and original. The only thing the American and British version have in common is the concept. The characters are totally different and it’s a completely different humor all together. The English version is a much more subtle humor, where the American version is more in your face. Regardless, both shows are phenomenal and I have watched both versions more than once all the way through.

Now “The Office” (British version) is a must see. It is only two seasons long and it gets a lot more serious and heart breaking at the end. Unlike Michael Scott of the American version, David Brent is a hopeless boss who just shows his uselessness more and more as we get into the series. You love him but he isn’t an Idiot Savant like Michael Scott, who basically doesn’t know what he is doing but seems to stumble upon success through the process. No, David Brent is hopeless, useless and not well liked by anyone. Everything he does is for his own pleasure and image and when put in the corner, he always chooses himself over his employees. So, instead of loving this character like Michael Scott, you end up pitying David Brent. You feel more and more uncomfortable as you watch this boss lose control and eventually implode.

Now, that doesn’t mean this show isn’t hilarious, because it is nothing short of that. You will be holding your gut in laughter. But right when they have you they tug on those heart strings. And boy do you feel pity for this man. You almost feel embarrassed yourself watching him, clinching your teeth with the characters on screen.

Then the way they tie it all together at the end will make you want to go right back to the beginning and start it all over again. The ending is totally unpredictable and leaves you hugging your pillow in joy. They basically leave you at the end of season 2 upset and disturbed, but then they do a two episode follow up which ties everything back together and leaves you feeling like you have experienced a masterpiece on tv.

I cannot recommend both versions more. If you don’t see these two shows, you are missing out and you are missing out big. If you are one of those snobs like I was and only would watch the British version out of loyalty, then you are making a big mistake. Ricky Gervais has a hand in the American version also and he doesn’t disappoint. If you haven’t seen either version, start with the British version, it’s a great appetizer to an amazing cluster of hours of pure funny, heart warming entertainment. Both of these shows will take you on an amazing adventure, ending with you wanting to start it all over again.

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My Top Ten TV Shows that Deserve to be Watched Twice!!! Show #6!

Television show #6 is… “The Office” (American version)

The Office


I’m sure the ladies are happy I picked this show. I think it goes without saying that this is one of the best sitcoms ever! Boy did it make a lot of careers through its 9 season run. The only reason it scored so low is because they ran it way too long. Once the actor Steve Carell left, they should have stuck a fork in it, even though the next season wasn’t that bad. But it certainly wasn’t excellent. I think people were just surprised that it was half descent without Michael Scott.

That’s what I love about “Seinfeld.” They quit while they were ahead. Larry David realized he didn’t have much more left in him and cancelled the show himself. This is very rare in American television and I really admire Larry David for picking art over money.

But other than that, this show is pure genius. The crazy antics of Michael Scott are so funny and enjoyable to watch. Anyone who has ever worked in an office can relate to this show. “The Office” blends strange characters, that would never have been seen with each other otherwise, and sticks them in a corporate office run by a complete maniac. I think we all have worked in a situation like this one at some point in our lives. If you haven’t, then you are lucky and are probably not going to get this show.

“The Office” is a perfect example of the average work place. You have all kinds of different people who have to interact with each other against their own will to accomplish one task, make money for the company. We all have gone through it and will probably go through it until the day we retire. I don’t care how perfect your job is, there is always at least one person you don’t get along with. Or maybe you are that one person that doesn’t get along with anyone. Either or, it’s a common circumstance that perpetually repeats itself everyday. All “The Office” did is blend all these crazy type of characters and have them work under a Boss who appears completely hopeless but soon finding out he is a business genius, all by mistake.

Then to top it off, you have a some great interoffice romances. Now, I’m not that much of a romantic comedy fan but the relationship between Pam and Jim was nothing short of enthralling. You get to see these two people, who are obviously in love with each other, miss every opportunity to actually get together. As an audience, it is so frustrating and the romance keeps you watching every episode.

Then you have the love affair between Dwight and Angela. Once again these two are perfect for each other, but just can’t seem to stay together. They are both horrible, wretched human beings, who you can’t stand at the beginning. But when they get together, you get to see the soft side of both of them. Soon you find yourself loving both of them, regardless of their short comings.

That’s what makes “The Office” so brilliant. It shows all the imperfections that people have but shows they are human beings also. Michael Scott is nothing short of an idiot. He’s racist, sexist and completely ignorant to what is really going on around him. But, you know what, you love him because he is human. You love him because he tries his hardest to fit in. You love him because he strives to do what’s right but just never makes the appropriate decisions.

You want everyday life with everyday people in completely hilarious situations, then “The Office” is the perfect show for you. I have personally watched it from beginning to end two times. The writing is complete genius and the acting isn’t far behind that. You will get tears in your eyes when Michael Scott leaves because you know from that point on, it will never be the same. “The Office” was a show that ran a little too long but when it’s all over, you find yourself wanting to start from the beginning again, hoping to ignore the fact it is no longer on the air.

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My Top Ten TV Shows that Deserve to be Watched Twice!!! Show #7!

Television show #7 is… “Seinfeld!”


Yes folks, Larry David has struck again!!! This show would make his and so many others’ careers. “Seinfeld” has gone down as one of the best television shows of all time and boy was it a hit right from the start!

Now, I’m sure a lot of you are sick and tired of hearing about “Seinfeld.” If you grew up in the 90’s like myself, I can understand why. This show was huge! Bigger than any show I have ever experienced. Everyone was talking about it and a good percentage of the nation was tuning in every week, eager to see what amount of nothing the crew was up to.

Then after the much talked about season finale, which disappointed most fans, the show went into syndication. Every time you turned on the television, you would hear about “Seinfeld” re-runs playing on this station or that one. And still they continued to boast how great the show was and how it’s the best show ever made. Well, I don’t know about you folks, I mean, I like to reminisce, but no one would let this show die and I quickly got tired of hearing about it. This television phenomenon would continue to run for years after the show cancelled and is still running today. The public just likes to watch “Seinfeld” over and over, again and again.

Now, no matter how sick and tired of the show I am, I still can’t deny that “Seinfeld” is pure genius. That is why “Seinfeld” is on my list. Personally, I like “Curb Your Enthusiam” much more, but I have watched quite a few “Seinfeld” re-runs throughout my life. I actually went through a little “Seinfeld” phase, where I would watch re-runs every night. So, I figured I had to put it on this list because there was a day when I absolutely loved the show! A show about nothing with some of the most interesting characters I have ever witnessed, my favorite being Newman.

Larry David showed his genius by taking a comic’s personality on stage and building a show around him. Let me tell you this, I have seen Jerry Seinfeld on stage and he is not funny at all. What made him famous was Larry David, who took his on stage delivery and made pure art out of it in the form of a show. Everyone knows how Seinfeld delivers a joke but most can’t repeat one single joke the man has written. That shows you that the television sitcom was what made Seinfeld famous, not his comedy.

But never less, you can’t deny this show’s talent and success. I still will stop and watch an episode here and there, if the time permits. Each episode is hilarious and is basically about nothing. Audiences’ can relate to the everyday, outrageous situations because the characters are just average, everyday schmoes who live in the Big Apple. Even though I haven’t watched the whole series from beginning to end, I highly recommend this show if you have never seen it. You will be quickly looking for another episode to watch. If you like it or not, “Seinfeld” will be aired on tv for years to come and will always be a show that I admire. If you want to see an episode, just turn on the television. I’m sure it will be syndicated on a few stations.

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My Top Ten TV Shows that Deserve to be Watched Twice!!! Show #8!

Television show #8 is… Cheers!!!


You can’t talk about tv history and not mention the show “Cheers!!!” Though a little dated today, this is the show of all shows and it just kept on getting better as the seasons carried on. “Cheers” was actually the longest running television show of its time. “Married with Children” would soon steal that title, for reasons that are way beyond me.

If you want to hear the best, well known theme song in television history, then you have come to the right place. “Where Everybody Knows Your Name” was written exclusively for the show and would go on to be one of the most popular songs in television history.

The song says it all and the show delivers just that, regular people hanging at their local bar. You have great characters like Norm, who never leaves his stool. The know it all Cliff Claven, that no one likes. Sam, the ex baseball pitcher who decided to buy a bar. Then you can’t forget Carla, the snake tongued, opinionated waitress who never has a kind word to say to anyone.

This series, which ran for eleven years was nothing short of genius. It was a show for the mature family and a good percentage of the country would tune in every week. People loved this show because it was about everyday Joes who live everyday lives. You could relate to Norm’s laziness, while admiring Diane’s pursuit for success. This show also showed the pride of a great city where I grew up, Boston!

“Cheers” was a hit right from the get go and would just get better as it matured. I have watched this show all the way through once and of course had watched many episodes over and over again growing up. You want to see what the 80’s and 90’s were like in a Boston bar, then catch a couple of episodes of “Cheers.” (Which was actually filmed live in Los Angeles, lol!) It’s a little campy at the beginning, but you have to remember the time when it was made, a time of campy, funny, gimmicky sitcoms. Believe it or not, “Cheers” was definitely the more mature sitcom of its time.

So, grab a beer and get ready to sing! The whole series of “Cheers” is available on Netflix. Watch a couple of episodes and I guarantee, you will be singing along just like we did in the 80’s.

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My Top Ten TV Shows that Deserve to be Watched Twice!!! Show #9!

Television show #9 is… “Curb Your Enthusiasm!!!”


Either you love him or you hate him, but you can’t deny his comic genius! The track record speaks for itself! Yes, Larry David is my pick for #9 and what a great pick he is. This show is nothing short of genius. Not only is it funny as hell, but I found out that they pretty much improvise every scene.

Larry David doesn’t like writing out the whole scene. What he likes to do is write what he wants the scene to be, only scripting certain key points, the rest is the actors improvising. So you can imagine that you need a very talented cast to pull this off. And let me tell you, the cast is hilarious, from his stupid agent friend Jeff to his adorable old father. Everyone is awesome with all kinds of guest stars making appearances. If you love “Seinfeld” then you will see a lot of those characters as guest stars.

What’s also great about this show is each season has a beginning, middle and end. Larry David always starts out with some major problem that you watch him stumble trying to fix, with no conclusion till the end of the season. Some episodes will only touch on the problem and some will not even mention it. But at the end of the season, all the episodes tie together to come to an ingenious conclusion. My personal favorite is season 4. Mel Brooks comes and casts Larry David as the lead in his Broadway Musical “The Producers.” Everyone around him questions his casting, but you will find that Mel has a hidden agenda of his own.

Some seasons are way better than others, that’s why this show scored so low on my list. But you can’t just flick by it on the tv, well I can’t at least. I love to watch reruns of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and I’ve watched some seasons over and over again. That’s how good this show is. If you don’t believe me, do me a favor and watch episode 36. Larry David picks up a hooker to ride the HOV lane to get to a Dodger’s game on time. In the meantime, he has to buy pot for his Dad to relieve his glaucoma. This is the funniest episode in television history in my book. It’s also a great introduction to this show. So watch this episode and you will sure to become an instant fan. Larry David, labeled as like Woody Allen, is going nowhere. He keeps on putting out amazing product that always sets new trends. He certainly doesn’t fall short with this show either.

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My Top Ten TV Shows that Deserve to be Watched Twice!!! Show #10!

Television show #10 is…. Three’s Company!!!

Threes company

I loved “Three’s Company” as a kid. This show was definitely the introduction to adult television for me. I started watching this show when I was nine years old and I instantly fell in love. When I saw this show, I knew right then and there that I wanted to be apart of this wonderful world they called show business. I loved the clumsiness of Jack Tripper and the overbearing criticism of the landlords. The gay subject matter was a little over my head at that age, but this show definitely opened my mind to different views.

I don’t think how much I loved this show as a kid has come across properly, so I will give you a little story to support my case. When I was growing up my Mother was very poor and raised my sister and I all by herself. So we didn’t have the common luxuries that most families enjoyed in the mid 80’s. Hell, we didn’t get a color TV until I was 11 years old! So of course we didn’t have a VCR, which were very expensive at the time. Long story short, I loved “Three’s Company” so much that I would sit in front of the TV and tape the audio of the show on my ancient tape recorder. I then would listen to the episode over and over again and then tape over it when I needed more tape for the next episodes. Pretty obsessed don’t you think. I would even sing along with the theme on the tape to listen to later. I knew every episode by heart and could say the lines verbatim. That was my introduction to real television and even then, I was trying to find the technology to enjoy it over and over again.

“Three’s Company” was a great example of the culture then. Two women and a man living together, oh my!!! People actually thought this was edgy television. Then to top it off, the main character acts as if he is gay! Now we are going too far here! The late seventies and early eighties were so homophobic that the only way to have a gay subject matter on television was for the character to act as if he was gay. But let me tell you, this show opened the door to the subject and even though Jack’s gayness was the brunt of the jokes, it was at least being dealt with instead of being ignored.

Though “Three’s Company” was very campy, the plots ridiculous and the acting over board, this show had such an impact on its time. It did this by just being “Three’s Company.” This light hearted show really tackled some moral issues of the time. But it accomplished this not by talking about these issues or even having an episode solely about them. “Three’s Company” did this by just putting the subject matter out there. Thruogh out the show  you see Mr. Roper warm up to Jack even though he perceives him as gay. Later on, Ralph Furley would do the same. This is huge because these homophobic men dropped all their prejudices and see Jack for who he is and accept him as a person. A really big statement to make at that time and the way they sneak it in there is nothing short of genius.

“Three’s Company” taught me at very young age that the views I am taught are not necessarily the right ones. Looking back on this show, it taught me to look at things from both sides and don’t be so serious about everything. John Ritter instantly became my favorite actor then and I still have a place in my heart for him to this day. The crazy antics, the clumsy slap stick comedy and the ridiculous plots are smoke screens to a much more serious message. “Three’s Company” was a risky show for its time and if it wasn’t for the great actors, funny characters and hilarious scenes, I believe that risky subject matter would have gotten it kicked off the air. But thank god public demand said otherwise.

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My Top Ten TV Shows that Deserve to be Watched Twice!!!

Happy New Year ladies and gentlemen. I hope 2014 is going well for you because it is really happening for me so far. I was so glad to say goodbye to 2013! It was definitely the worst year of my life. But 2014 is making up for it so far. This is the reason why I haven’t blogged in like a month or so. I just wanted to make sure I started this year out right and to do that, I had to focus on other things. But now I am back folks and once again I will dazzle you with my witty insights and favorite viewings.

This blog came to me while showering. There are many great television shows out there that we love, but then there are shows that are so great, you have to watch them over and over again. There are certain shows that you connect with and in a lot of cases, they make you reminisce about certain times in your life. People don’t realize that television is a huge part of what we wear, how we talk and also how we view the world. If you can find out what shows people love, you probably can get a good idea of what their personality is like.

I have a list of shows that I absolutely love and that I hold close to my heart. Some of them I have even watched the seasons straight through more than once. The great thing about Netfilx is you can watch a whole series from beginning to end, with no commercials or interruptions. I have done this with almost every show that I mention on this blog. I have seen these shows more than once and most of them from beginning to end.

These shows touched me so much, they have a great sentimental value for me. These shows are so phenomenal that they affected my everyday life, how I saw things and how I acted. These top ten television shows are basically what makes me want to become a television producer myself. These shows broke barriers, created controversy around their time and were so original, they changed television all together.

Now, I’m not going to claim I have seen every show out there, so I could be missing quite a few gems not mentioned. I am sorry for this and if you feel any series needs to be watched, let me know, I will give it a try. This list is what I love to watch and love to recommend to others, for I really do feel it will change them in some way. These shows have helped me develop my humor in my life, helped me approach certain problems and most of all have really excited my creative brain, helping me develop as a film maker myself. So here it is folks, “My Top Ten Shows TV Shows that Deserve to be Watched Twice!” Watch this list and your life will change in some way, I can promise you that.

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Happy New Year!!! Don’t forget “The Twilight Zone” marathon on the Sci-fi channel!!!

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A Seat on a Train Poster

I want to bring back that classic story telling style of Rod Serling with stories that pertain to our current times. Help me bring back this forgotten gem that just can’t seem to be properly replicated!

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Happy Thanksgiving!!! Don’t forget to check out “The Twilight Zone” marathon!!!

Happy Thanksgiving! Don’t forget to check out “The Twilight Zone” marathon on the SYFY channel playing all day and night on Thanksgiving! You may catch a couple of my top “15 episodes with the most shocking twists,” if you’re lucky.


I  also figured I would give you a great movie recommendation to watch on Thanksgiving with your family. I watch it every year and love it. It is directed by one of my favorite Directors of all time, which I will do a top ten list for… really soon. I admire this Director so much because he did it his way.

This film, just like many of his other films, was written, directed and produced by him! I love that! That’s what I want to do! And let me tell you this, the critiques were not too friendly towards his films like “The Breakfast Club” and “Sixteen Candles.” A lot of critiques panned his films which later would become the quintessential teenage films of the 80’s. His films are the perfect example of what life was like for kids in the 1980’s, down to the clothes they wore and how they chewed their gum. This Director felt the kids of the 80’s were overlooked and forgotten. He was right, the 80’s kids got the short end of the deal while the culture paid more attention to the cold war, corporations taking over and a President with his crazy trickle down theories. Thank god this Director took the time to make these films as we would have very few, legitimate, good films to watch that reminds us of our teenage years.

This man was obsessed with the 80’s pop culture and loved the punk scene at that time. Not only did he make phenomenal films but he also hand picked the soundtracks himself and even got some really obscure 80’s bands to do original soundtracks for him. He loved music so much that he would later give out iPods loaded with his favorite music as Christmas and Birthday presents.

If you guessed it, well done, well actually it’s the only really good Thanksgiving movie out there and I think it will stay that way. “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” made it’s debut in 1987 and was an instant hit.


It instantly became a holiday favorite and is known as the only Thanksgiving movie worth watching out there. John Hughes was rumored to write the script in only 3 days. He also shot more than double the footage needed, so there is like 3 hours of this film on the cutting room floor. They should just release it as is, I would watch it. Actually, it’s probably better than half the crap that is out there today.

This film needs no introduction or description, just watch it. It’s about a family man (Steve Martin) who is trying to get home for Thanksgiving, but has a few obstacles in his way, to say the least. So he teams up with a funny, curtain sales man (John Candy) and tries to get home in time for Thanksgiving dinner. Great film, awesome cast and hilarious scenes! My favorite scene goes a little like this…

“Those aren’t pillows!!!”

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy!

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15 “Twilight Zone”episodes with the most shocking twists! Episode #1…

The episode with the most shocking twist is… The After Hours (Season 1, Episode 34) On Netflix!

The After Hours

Happy Thanksgiving! My gift to you is “The After Hours.” And what a great gift it is. This is “The Twilight Zone,” literally. It has the perfect Twilight Zone feel, the perfect TZ  sound and definitely the perfect TZ story! Not only is it shocking but the main twist reveals itself in the middle of the episode, out of nowhere, then it ends with a pretty cool one too. That is why this episode got its spot at the top of my list.

“The After Hours” is so well written, has very interesting characters and grabs your attention right from opening.This episode plays with you, with interesting camera shots, spooky music and whispering voices.  I saw this episode when I was young and it scared the daylights out of me. I never will view Department stores the same again.  I still find the subject matter very creepy today.

“The After Hours” shows Rod Serling’s genius when it comes to writing intricate stories with elaborate twists. The actress who plays Marsha is perfectly cast and you will see why when they reveal the twist. She’s the type of actress you would see in a Hitchcock film, another blonde actress for Alfred to obsess over. There really isn’t any strong message and it really doesn’t need one. This episode is so fun, strange and eery that it will have you thinking about it for a long time after. “The After Hours” is one of the reasons I created my television series “A Seat on a Train.”

The description– Marsh White browses a department store looking for a gold thimble for her mother.  She is directed to an empty elevator with  just the elevator man inside.  She finds the man and the fact she got an elevator all to herself on such a busy shopping day, very strange. The man takes her up to the ninth floor. When Marsh steps out, she realizes the floor is empty and turns around to get back on the elevator, but the doors close on her. She wanders around the floor confused. There isn’t a thing for sale and no sales associates.

Marsha is  all of the sudden startled by a mysterious saleswoman, wearing a dress suit, stepping out of the shadows. The sales woman takes her over and shows her a gold thimble that is for sale. Marsha is extremely puzzled by this. She can’t believe a whole floor has nothing but the one item that she came to purchase.

After some very strange banter with the woman, Marsha gets back on the elevator with the strange man, planning to leave the store all together. But then she notices the thimble she bought is all scratched up and has a dent in it. She demands the elevator man bring her back up to the ninth floor, but he drops her off on the third, directing her to the ‘complaints department.’

Marsha complains to a manager about the thimble. The manager assures her they will refund the money, but asks her what floor she purchased it from. When she tells him the ninth floor, he looks at her confused and informs her that “there is no ninth floor.” Marsha argues with him and a sales associate, insisting she bought the thimble from a saleswoman on the ninth floor. When all seems lost, Marsha recognizes the sales woman, who has her back turned to her, standing at the other end of the store. She screams over to the sales woman…

And that’s it! Did I get  your attention yet? I can’t go any further because I will end up revealing the twist. And what a great twist it is! A shocker that will send shivers up and down your body. The way they reveal the twist accompanied by squealing violins, is just plain jarring and makes you take a second look at a certain object that is displayed in most department stores. I find them plain creepy.

So, that’s it for “15 Twilight Zone episodes with the most shocking twists.” There are plenty of other episodes to explore, but if you love the twisted ones, then you have come to the right place. Let me know your thoughts on the list. Maybe I forgot an episode that you think should have been on the list. Don’t be shy, let me know.

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