10 Great Gift Ideas for the Man this Christmas!!

And the #1 present to give the man… A Toilet Coffee Mug! (there’s another gift idea after this…)


Yes, I said it, a toilet coffee mug! Listen, it is hard to buy for the same person every year and be inventive. So, here’s a great gag gift that will have the whole family laughing. I gave one to my Mum’s and everyone laughs when they see it. Be the man posh, business or blue collar, they will laugh when they open this present. The best part of this present is the coffee really adds to the effect of this present. It’s so gross it’s hilarious.

Anyway, I’m not going to leave you with this for your number one present to give to the man. I have another one here somewhere… Where is it… Oh, here it is. Now, this present has not come out yet but if your man is a tech savvy guy who likes to have the new upcoming thing, you can order this bad boy ahead of time and give him a picture of this present.

You ready for this?…

Present #1 is… The Smarty Ring!!!


This ring is awesome and it’s not out yet. You have to get it on indiegogo.com at http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/smarty-ring and they mail it to you later. But this is definitely the gift to give if you want to be totally original. No one knows about this ring and it is just plain amazing!

What they have done here is invent a ring that you can see your messages on without taking out your phone. So if you get texted, the ring let’s you know and you can just look at the ring and it scrolls the message.

Did you know that the average person looks at their iPhone every 6 minutes? How ridiculous and annoying is this, especially if you are hanging out with this person. No more staring at your iPhone and walking with no direction. The ring does it all for you and it has cool accessories to shop for also. If the man doesn’t like to wear a ring then he can just hang it around his neck. This gift is pretty much a slam dunk, these days, for men of all ages.

Now, this gift is $175 and I’m sure they will get cheaper as they get more popular. But to give a gift that isn’t even out yet and is sure to be a hit is the ultimate gift in my eyes. Just wrap a picture of it with the description and make sure the man knows this is not on the shelves yet. He is sure to be amazed.

So that’s it folks, “10 Great Gifts to Give the Man this Christmas. I hope I was of help and if I was, please leave a comment and follow my blog. I will be doing “The Top 10 Christmas Films sure to Put you in the Holiday Spirit”  next. I will go through the best films to watch to get you into the Christmas spirit. Some you will know, some you won’t, but I guarantee you they will get that Christmas spirit rumbling inside of you.

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10 Great Gift Ideas for the Man this Christmas!!

Gift #2 is… a snow ball launcher!


Yes! A snowball launcher! I love this gift! It is so fun! I can see my Granddad, uncles and cousins playing with these, especially  with the kids. Everyone loves a good old snow ball fight. This is also a great gag gift, but a little expensive at $30.

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10 Great Gift Ideas for the Man this Christmas!!

Gift #3 is… Toy Skeet Shooter!


Oh yeah! I bought this one for my uncle! It is so fun and any man who does not like this little device, then I question them as a man! Yes, it’s a skeet shooter, a digital one. The box launches a skeet, you track it with your gun and then fire away. When the infra red laser hit the skeet it breaks apart. But don’t you fret, you can assemble it back together easily for yet another turn. It launches like 3 skeets at a time and then you have to reload it again. You can get it for like $70 on ebay.

So if you want to buy something fun, original and just plain awesome, the man in your life will play with this one for hours. I kind of wish I had one actually. Oh well, maybe Santa will be fun this year.

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10 Great Gift Ideas for the Man this Christmas!!

Gift #4 is… Remote Control Helicopter


Now, I don’t care how old the man is that you are buying for, this is a slam dunk gift… as long as they don’t have one already! This is a great gift because they vary so much in model, size and price. So you can get exactly what you want and spend as little or as much as you like. If you want to get the cheapest for a stocking stuffer, you can get them as low as $20. They also can get a lot larger and price into the thousands.

They have a chopper for every type of man out there. If he’s military, you can get an army version which launches missiles (how cool is that!) If he’s a control freak, they have ones with extra side propellers that make the machine easier to handle. There are so many different colors and styles, you will have a blast searching for the right one. You just need to know where to look.

I have one myself and play with it all the time. It is really hard to fly at first, but as with everything, you get a lot better as time goes on. Now, you have to watch out when you go shopping for these choppers because you can get ripped off. I would go online and order or at least check out the prices before you go to the stores. I really like this site, that has cheap ones at http://www2.pulsetv.com  Get on their e-mail list, they have a lot of cool, cheap stuff on this site. They also have some really original gift ideas.

So, it may not be the most original gift out there but if you put a little time into it, you can find the perfect chopper for the young or old man in your life.

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10 Great Gift Ideas for the Man this Christmas!!

Gift #5 is… The Twilight Zone Box Set

box set

Now you know I have to mention the first actual box set released with every single classic Twilight Zone episode made!!!! Holy Crap!!! Now maybe I’m just a diehard Twilight Zone fan but I think this is the best gift ever! If I got it, I would be estatic, so I feel most guys, especially the older guys are really going to appreciate this gift. Now it is on the pricey side but it is worth every single penny for all of Rod Serling’s genius to be wrapped up into one box that I can hold in my arms and cradle like a baby! Sorry, I’m getting a little out of hand here. But it is $160, so this is probably a gift for a special man in your life.

So, if you are struggling to pick a gift for that special someone in your life, you will strike gold with this one. If you haven’t seen them all yourself, then I suggest you watch them with your special someone. This is truly the gift that keeps on giving all year round!

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10 Great Gift Ideas for the Man this Christmas!!

Gift idea # 6 is… A Stocking stuffed with fun stuff


Now this may not be that original of a gift idea, but it is perfect if you can’t figure out what to buy. Also, it is perfect if you are not going to be with this particular person on Christmas. I have used this gift idea a few times. What you do is pick one main present, that will be your feature gift and then make all the others stuffers candy and fun things. Not only is this fun for the man in your life, but it’s a blast to put together.

I have many websites that are great for stocking stuffers, especially for adults. I found this site called http://www.perpetualkid.com The gifts on this site are all original merchandise you probably have never seen before and a lot of the items are hilarious. You will have a field day on this site. There is also Gifts.com, Redenvelope.com and Kotulas.com, which all have awesome, original stocking stuffers.

I came up with this idea while living in Manhattan. I was living in an apartment on the upper East side with my girlfriend at the time and I was going home to Boston for the Holidays, like I do every year.  But my girlfriend couldn’t join due to work and the fact she barely knew my family, so she decided to stay in New York for the Holidays. I felt bad because she was going to be all by herself. So what I did was put a stocking together of all her favorite makeup (which was Mac- damn you girls spend a lot on makeup) and a lot of other neat stuff. I hid it under the kitchen sink and called her Christmas morning to tell her Santa had visited. She was so excited and it really did make her Christmas a lot better then it was.

So if you’re going to be away for the holidays or you just can’t figure out what to buy someone, go with the stocking idea! It’s a hit! Make it fun and childish! Hide it and tell them Santa has visited or even set up some clues to find it. You can go in all kinds of different directions with this gift. I truly believe people just want to feel like a kid again and that is one of the main reasons people love Christmas so much. So make it fun for the man, trust me, it won’t disappoint.

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10 Great Gift Ideas for the Man this Christmas!!

Gift idea #7 is… Mascot Pillow Pet

pillow pet

Now, I know, guys don’t like stuffed animals or teddy bears, especially not for a present. But if you get them a stuffed mascot of their team, then they will definitely make an exception. Not many guys have a big collection of stuffed animals and you rarely see one on his bed. But when it comes to our sports, we will display our team anywhere! I have Red Sox sheets, blankets, beach towels and stuffed animals. I am proud to display these items when the season comes around and cherish my sports memorabilia. So, if you are wondering what to get a guy for Christmas, just find out what teams he likes and you’re all set. You can get great stuff and good deals on http://www.nflshop.com and http://www.mlb.com.

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