My Top Ten TV Shows that Deserve to be Watched Twice!!! Show #5!

And Television Show #5 is… “The Office!”

The office

I know what you’re thinking… he just put that show at #6! Well, it’s the British version I am talking about this time and it’s the original concept of this brilliant show which would be revamped as an American version. This is where it started folks, in July 2001. “The Office” would air for the first time on BBC and would become one of the most talked about television shows in network history. This show is nothing short of genius and ranks higher than the American version for two main reasons. The British version was the first and this show knew when to quit, leaving us wanting more.

If you haven’t seen the American version, I highly recommend starting with the English version first. At first, I wouldn’t watch the American version at all because I loved the British version so much. I felt they were remaking it and would do it no justice. Well, when I’m wrong, I say I’m wrong and I couldn’t be more wrong about this topic. The American version would go on to be absolutely brilliant and original. The only thing the American and British version have in common is the concept. The characters are totally different and it’s a completely different humor all together. The English version is a much more subtle humor, where the American version is more in your face. Regardless, both shows are phenomenal and I have watched both versions more than once all the way through.

Now “The Office” (British version) is a must see. It is only two seasons long and it gets a lot more serious and heart breaking at the end. Unlike Michael Scott of the American version, David Brent is a hopeless boss who just shows his uselessness more and more as we get into the series. You love him but he isn’t an Idiot Savant like Michael Scott, who basically doesn’t know what he is doing but seems to stumble upon success through the process. No, David Brent is hopeless, useless and not well liked by anyone. Everything he does is for his own pleasure and image and when put in the corner, he always chooses himself over his employees. So, instead of loving this character like Michael Scott, you end up pitying David Brent. You feel more and more uncomfortable as you watch this boss lose control and eventually implode.

Now, that doesn’t mean this show isn’t hilarious, because it is nothing short of that. You will be holding your gut in laughter. But right when they have you they tug on those heart strings. And boy do you feel pity for this man. You almost feel embarrassed yourself watching him, clinching your teeth with the characters on screen.

Then the way they tie it all together at the end will make you want to go right back to the beginning and start it all over again. The ending is totally unpredictable and leaves you hugging your pillow in joy. They basically leave you at the end of season 2 upset and disturbed, but then they do a two episode follow up which ties everything back together and leaves you feeling like you have experienced a masterpiece on tv.

I cannot recommend both versions more. If you don’t see these two shows, you are missing out and you are missing out big. If you are one of those snobs like I was and only would watch the British version out of loyalty, then you are making a big mistake. Ricky Gervais has a hand in the American version also and he doesn’t disappoint. If you haven’t seen either version, start with the British version, it’s a great appetizer to an amazing cluster of hours of pure funny, heart warming entertainment. Both of these shows will take you on an amazing adventure, ending with you wanting to start it all over again.

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