My Top Ten TV Shows that Deserve to be Watched Twice!!! Show #8!

Television show #8 is… Cheers!!!


You can’t talk about tv history and not mention the show “Cheers!!!” Though a little dated today, this is the show of all shows and it just kept on getting better as the seasons carried on. “Cheers” was actually the longest running television show of its time. “Married with Children” would soon steal that title, for reasons that are way beyond me.

If you want to hear the best, well known theme song in television history, then you have come to the right place. “Where Everybody Knows Your Name” was written exclusively for the show and would go on to be one of the most popular songs in television history.

The song says it all and the show delivers just that, regular people hanging at their local bar. You have great characters like Norm, who never leaves his stool. The know it all Cliff Claven, that no one likes. Sam, the ex baseball pitcher who decided to buy a bar. Then you can’t forget Carla, the snake tongued, opinionated waitress who never has a kind word to say to anyone.

This series, which ran for eleven years was nothing short of genius. It was a show for the mature family and a good percentage of the country would tune in every week. People loved this show because it was about everyday Joes who live everyday lives. You could relate to Norm’s laziness, while admiring Diane’s pursuit for success. This show also showed the pride of a great city where I grew up, Boston!

“Cheers” was a hit right from the get go and would just get better as it matured. I have watched this show all the way through once and of course had watched many episodes over and over again growing up. You want to see what the 80’s and 90’s were like in a Boston bar, then catch a couple of episodes of “Cheers.” (Which was actually filmed live in Los Angeles, lol!) It’s a little campy at the beginning, but you have to remember the time when it was made, a time of campy, funny, gimmicky sitcoms. Believe it or not, “Cheers” was definitely the more mature sitcom of its time.

So, grab a beer and get ready to sing! The whole series of “Cheers” is available on Netflix. Watch a couple of episodes and I guarantee, you will be singing along just like we did in the 80’s.

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