My Top Ten TV Shows that Deserve to be Watched Twice!!! Show #6!

Television show #6 is… “The Office” (American version)

The Office


I’m sure the ladies are happy I picked this show. I think it goes without saying that this is one of the best sitcoms ever! Boy did it make a lot of careers through its 9 season run. The only reason it scored so low is because they ran it way too long. Once the actor Steve Carell left, they should have stuck a fork in it, even though the next season wasn’t that bad. But it certainly wasn’t excellent. I think people were just surprised that it was half descent without Michael Scott.

That’s what I love about “Seinfeld.” They quit while they were ahead. Larry David realized he didn’t have much more left in him and cancelled the show himself. This is very rare in American television and I really admire Larry David for picking art over money.

But other than that, this show is pure genius. The crazy antics of Michael Scott are so funny and enjoyable to watch. Anyone who has ever worked in an office can relate to this show. “The Office” blends strange characters, that would never have been seen with each other otherwise, and sticks them in a corporate office run by a complete maniac. I think we all have worked in a situation like this one at some point in our lives. If you haven’t, then you are lucky and are probably not going to get this show.

“The Office” is a perfect example of the average work place. You have all kinds of different people who have to interact with each other against their own will to accomplish one task, make money for the company. We all have gone through it and will probably go through it until the day we retire. I don’t care how perfect your job is, there is always at least one person you don’t get along with. Or maybe you are that one person that doesn’t get along with anyone. Either or, it’s a common circumstance that perpetually repeats itself everyday. All “The Office” did is blend all these crazy type of characters and have them work under a Boss who appears completely hopeless but soon finding out he is a business genius, all by mistake.

Then to top it off, you have a some great interoffice romances. Now, I’m not that much of a romantic comedy fan but the relationship between Pam and Jim was nothing short of enthralling. You get to see these two people, who are obviously in love with each other, miss every opportunity to actually get together. As an audience, it is so frustrating and the romance keeps you watching every episode.

Then you have the love affair between Dwight and Angela. Once again these two are perfect for each other, but just can’t seem to stay together. They are both horrible, wretched human beings, who you can’t stand at the beginning. But when they get together, you get to see the soft side of both of them. Soon you find yourself loving both of them, regardless of their short comings.

That’s what makes “The Office” so brilliant. It shows all the imperfections that people have but shows they are human beings also. Michael Scott is nothing short of an idiot. He’s racist, sexist and completely ignorant to what is really going on around him. But, you know what, you love him because he is human. You love him because he tries his hardest to fit in. You love him because he strives to do what’s right but just never makes the appropriate decisions.

You want everyday life with everyday people in completely hilarious situations, then “The Office” is the perfect show for you. I have personally watched it from beginning to end two times. The writing is complete genius and the acting isn’t far behind that. You will get tears in your eyes when Michael Scott leaves because you know from that point on, it will never be the same. “The Office” was a show that ran a little too long but when it’s all over, you find yourself wanting to start from the beginning again, hoping to ignore the fact it is no longer on the air.

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2 thoughts on “My Top Ten TV Shows that Deserve to be Watched Twice!!! Show #6!

  1. I LOVE The Office! I’d watch it over and over again.

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