My Top Ten TV Shows that Deserve to be Watched Twice!!! Show #1!

And Television Show # 1 is… “The Twilight Zone!!!” (of course)

The Twilight Zone

If you know me or have been reading my blog, this was a no brainer. The Top Television Show that Deserves to be Watched Twice is definitely “The Twilight Zone!” Actually I recommend watching your favorite episodes every couple of years, over and over again. You won’t get sick of Rod Serling’s ingenious show, I know I haven’t yet and I have watched some of them well over 20 times each.

“The Twilight Zone” is a show that brings attention to the trails and tribulations of its time. Rod Serling was a veteran who fought in World War II, was injured three times and saw more than 50% of his platoon annihilated. This had a huge impact on the hero, making him want to speak out against these horrible actions taken against humanity around the world. He wanted to bring the public’s attention to our human weaknesses like greed, hate, envy, narcissism, power, loneliness… just to name a few. He knew that the only way to cure this world and make it better is through knowledge and teaching. He wanted to show the world that everything is not as it seems and it doesn’t have to stay the way it is. It’s o.k. to dream for a better situation and dream of a better world. He realized the situation the world is in is not easily changed and there are much bigger powers out there that want to stop us from changing it. But he also knew that striving for a better world was not that crazy and knew it wasn’t bad to dream of better days even if he was labeled as a Liberal. Rod Serling knew that for a dream to come true you have to start dreaming it. If you dream it, then it could become a possibility in the future. If you don’t dream it, then is it’s dead before it could ever get started.

That’s the purpose of “The Twilight Zone,” a man’s lack of satisfaction with the world around him. That’s why Rod Serling created it and that is why we love it today. All the lessons and twists from these stories still prove to be  true to this day. He didn’t make the stories to entertain us, he made the stories to get his point across and that is why this series will never die.

If you haven’t watched “The Twilight Zone” then what are you waiting for? The box set is on sale now and they also have the first season on Netflix. This show will not only entertain you, teach you and shock you, some of these episodes will send chills right up your spine. The film quality, writing and acting is all phenomenal.

Let’s face it, the world we live in today has not really improved substantially since the days of Rod Serling as a whole. I feel with all the new technology, we are becoming more introverted and thinking about ourselves way too much. I see more people stealing and screwing over others to get ahead. I see a public that is so into themselves and their own lives that they don’t care what is going on around them. I feel the powers are gaining more control world wide as we focus our concerns on ourselves and our families. That’s why I feel we need those great classic stories once again to open our eyes to what we have become.

Now, by all means, I love this world but it doesn’t mean I am satisfied with the way it’s been evolving. I have a lot to say about the human condition and how we turn a blind eye to torture, murder and war. I actually had a boss tell me that “War is population control!” This was a 26 year old man who said this to me. When people are thinking this way and actually believing it, we need to speak up and change it. For this type of defeatism ideology is exactly what the powers want us to believe because they know nothing will change if we feel we can’t change it.

The only way to make this world better is for the people to come together and change it. That’s why I want to continue the classic style of story telling that we loved so much from “The Twilight Zone.” That is why I created a show called “A Seat on a Train.” I know the only way I can contribute to the world right now is to write stories about it, film them and hope it helps people realize that we have the power to change, as a whole, together. That is the only way this world will change and it’s happening all around us today. The people are revolting against their governments and are demanding equality. With Facebook and the internet, we are already spreading knowledge and we are basically in each others’ back yards. There will come a time when we will have to come together as a people because this world is going to get a lot smaller in the future.

So, do me a favor and watch “The Twilight Zone” and if you like it become a fan of my tv series “A Seat on a Train” at If you love “The Twilight Zone” then you will for sure want to book “A Seat on a Train!”

My Top Ten TV Shows that Deserve to be Watched Twice!!! Show #2!

And Television Show #2 is… “Breaking Bad!!!”

Breaking Bad

I can not stress enough, if you haven’t seen this series, you are missing out big time! This is the best drama ever made for television period!! You want to challenge me on this one, watch the whole series and you tell me a series that is better written, better filmed, better acted and better directed. If you do, then I will eat my own words. But I can honestly believe there is no chance in hell you are going to come up with a better all around series than “Breaking Bad.”

I watched this series all the way through four times! Yes, I said it, four times! I want to watch it again but am going to wait a couple of years before I start getting sick of the show. You want “Scar Face” made for television, you have it here. The concept is completely original. There is nothing out there on television like it. The only series that come close are “The Wire” and “Weeds.” As good as these shows are, they don’t compare to “Breaking Bad.”

Now, let me warn you, the first season is a little slow, but they are setting you up for the rest of the series. They are getting rid of all the set up early, so they can barrel through with the action. It was hard for me to get through the first season, but after I found out where it was going in the second season, I was hooked. Just stick with the show. It is so worth it.

The acting is brilliant. Brian Cranston is amazing and his character evolves throughout the whole series. He basically plays a High School chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. He is only given a few months to live. Well, knowing he has nothing to leave his wife, physically challenged son and unborn child, he decides to go into the meth trade. With his chemistry genius he is able to make the purest Meth on the market and the series just builds from there.

The actor who plays Jessie Pinkman is brilliant. He basically plays your typical punk kid that no adult likes. You have the scumbag Lawyer Saul with his own set of ethics, the wife who is extremely ethical, the physically challenged son (the actor actually has cerebral palsy in real life,) the DEA Agent brother in law Asec Schrader and the kleptomaniac sister, among a lot of other characters and villains. The characters in this show are so deep and have so many different levels. Every single actor on this show is amazing and had their work cut out for them. Especially Brian Cranston. The way he plays his character and slowly changes or evolves throughout the six season show is mind boggling! He deserves every Emmy he received and deserves more, way more!

If you are not convinced to watch it yet, then let me tell you this. Sir Anthony Hopkins loved the acting in the show so much that he wrote a letter to the cast and Brian Cranston, expressing how impressed he was with the show! Sir Anthony Hopkins folks! A Knight and an Academy Award winning actor! What a compliment and if that doesn’t make you want to watch the show, then I don’t know what to tell you.

“Breaking Bad” does it all. You get to see this nerdy, meek teacher turn into a huge, powerful drug dealer. Everything you can imagine is excellent in this show. Even the musical montages are genius! There isn’t really a thing I can complain about this show except for the slow start. The whole series is so tight, when it ends, it leaves no question unanswered.

Now, if you’re looking for a good feel, upbeat show, then don’t watch this one. This series is dark, I mean really dark! You are not going to bed all happy go lucky after watching this show. And when I say they leave no stone unturned, I mean nothing unanswered. They even explain why Walter White is so lucky through his drug dealing endeavors.

I am completely envious of the writers on this show. I would gladly kiss any of their feet! I actually worked in a restaurant in Manhattan Beach where the writer from “Modern Family” would frequent. Well, when they were airing the first episode of the final season, this guy came in and ordered a ton of food to go. He told me he was having a “Breaking Bad” party. I asked him if this show will meet my very high expectations. He said he was confident the show would exceed them. Now that’s a lot coming from a very successful writer in the industry and he couldn’t have been more right. The finale will blow you away and will leave all questions answered. Believe me, it will not disappoint like the ending to “Lost” or the finale of “Seinfeld.” They deliver on this show right from the beginning to the end and the writers don’t dupe you with a crappy, loophole ending, like everyone was dead right from the beginning.

Now, I can’t leave without talking about the villains! They are absolutely chilling! From Tuco to Gus to the old man in the wheel chair, these villains were perfectly cast and are not like your typical villains in your typical drug film. Especially Gus. Gus was my favorite. Just think Hannibal Lecture when you think of Gus. Not because he eats human, but because of his calm, sociopathic ways.

Then you have the main character of the show. The character that makes you want to watch the show. The character that you want to experience in some way because it looks so fantastic. The character that holds the whole show together because without this friend or foe in this series, you have no show. This character doesn’t have your typical voice but boy does it speak throughout. I’m talking about the Blue Meth! This is the single element that makes you want to keep on watching the show. As much as you may be against drugs, you can’t help but like this Blue Meth. It’s pristine, beautiful and 99% pure! And boy do the writers on this show give it a voice. It had so much of a voice that I’m surprised it didn’t win a best actor Emmy itself.

The times you really get hear the Blue Meth speak is through the musical montages. These montages are so genius that they should be shown as videos on MTV! A lot of artists don’t like the use of musical montages and I agree, they can be tacky but the way they do it on “Breaking Bad” is nothing short of my blowing. They do one musical montage to the song “Blue Crystal Persuassion” that will have you dancing in your seat! I guarantee you will be rewinding it to watch it again and if your like me, you’re going to start the series right over again, ready for another journey into the genius world of “Breaking Bad!”

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