10 Christmas films sure to put you in the Holiday spirit!!

The #1 Christmas Movie sure to put you in the Holiday Spirit is… I bet you are wondering what I’m going to come up with … I guarantee most of you have not seen this particular version… movie #1 is… the 1970’s version of “Scrooge” starring a young Albert Finney!!


This movie is genius and is the best version of “A Christmas Carol” out there. I know a lot of people are pumping their fists in defiance, but don’t judge until you see it! I tell you it is fantastic!

Now, I don’t know if you are aware of the difference between “A Christmas Carol” and “Scrooge.” “A Christmas Carol” is the novel that was written by Charles Dickens, “Scrooge” is the musical version of that story. That’s the only difference. It’s the same story but way more festive with an unbelievable score!

Right from the beginning, this film will make your heart leap! It is nothing short of Christmas magic. I will not go a year without watching this film and I watch it on Christmas Eve every year. I will even watch it a couple of times, if time permits. I cannot get sick of this film.

Albert Finney is phenomenal as scrooge. By far, the best scrooge out there. What I love about his performance is he doesn’t play Scrooge as this mean, overbearing, angry miser. He plays Scrooge as more human and scared instead of the usual insensitive, uncaring man.  He makes Scrooge appear more human and real so when you reach the ending; you really get into to it because you truly do feel sorry for this man. You want Scrooge to snap out of his miserly ways and you cringe when you see his death coming near.

Plus the music is so catchy and festive! I love every score in this film. The opening scores will make you laugh and bounce your head as you watch Scrooge go about his hideous ways. The middle scores will make you want to dance as the Ghosts try to change Scrooge’s horrible ways. Then the ending will make you want to get off the couch and dance around! I’m telling you, you will feel this huge wave of Christmas Spirit come over you. Everyone I have shown this movie to has loved it. I have shown most people in my family and I catch them bouncing there leg to the music and a twinkle of Christmas in their eyes! You for sure will be mouthing the words to one of the scores at the end called “Thank You Very Much!” It is such a catchy song and is the perfect song for the holidays.

Then when Scrooge wakes up in the morning and has changed his ways, this movie explodes!!! I mean explodes with Christmas joy! Tears will form in your eyes as you see Scrooge scramble to give his kindness to everyone he can all at once. Albert Finney deserved a Best Actor Academy Award for his portrayal of Scrooge and this film should be a must see Christmas Classic every year! But for some reason some of these films slip through the cracks.

Well, my mission every Christmas is to spread the word of this film to everyone and bring it back into the Christmas light. So please, give me and Albert Finney the perfect gift this year and watch the 1970’s version of “Scrooge!” I promise you, it will become a must see every year. This film will put the miserly misers of all misers in the Christmas spirit. If it doesn’t, don’t be surprised if you are visited by three ghosts yourself this Christmas Eve.

The Description– I’m not going to insult Charles Dickens by trying  to sum up his Christmas genius in a couple of paragraphs! If you don’t know this story yet, then you should crawl out of that cave you’ve been living in, there’s a world out there you know.

So that’s it folks. 10 Christmas films sure to put you in the Holiday Spirit.” If you follow this list, I guarantee you will get into the Christmas Spirit or your money back! If you only watch one film from this list, make it “Scrooge!” It will surely become a new member of the family every holiday season.

Have a very Merry Christmas folks! May you get everything you wanted and most importantly, have a fun time with family and friends on this Merry Merry Day!

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Merry Christmas!!!!


One thought on “10 Christmas films sure to put you in the Holiday spirit!!

  1. caragale says:

    Nice review! I’ve never seen this, but I heard it’s fantastic. I’ll put it on my list for Christmas 2014! 🙂

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