10 Christmas films sure to put you in the Holiday spirit!!

Movie # 3 is… “You’ll shoot your eye out kid…” A Christmas Story!

A Christmas Story

I remember seeing this film in the theaters when I was like 10 years old. I loved it then and still love it now. Shockingly enough, the critics panned this film. They complained that it didn’t have a strong plot and was just a bunch of funny scenes pasted together. Well, they were right about one thing. The late Bob Clark directed “A Christmas Story” and what he did was take a bunch of stories he loved to read when he was a kid and made a movie out of them. But where the critics were wrong was calling it a bad film. This film is nothing short of genius.

It goes to show the critics don’t know everything because “A Christmas Story” would instantly become a Christmas classic favorite. It’s totally original and people ate it up right from the get go. From the scene with the Mom telling her son to eat like a little piggy to the angry elf with the belligerent Santa, this film shocked the viewer with a different look at Christmas, through a child’s eyes in the 1940s.

This film will make you barrel over with laughter and make your heart melt as you watch Ralphie try to get his Official Red Rider BB Gun.  Every scene in this film keeps you glued to the screen. “A Christmas Story” is the king of Christmas classics and you can catch it on TNT from 8 O’clock Christmas Eve to 8 O’clock Christmas night. That’s right, TNT plays it for 24 hours and 1/3 of the country tunes in every year at some point on Christmas to watch this film. I actually put it on when I go to bed and wake up with it on Christmas morning. I know, I know, I’m obsessed, but I really do love this film.

“A Christmas Story” is the most popular marathon on television today; “The Twilight Zone” marathon comes in at a very close second. Bob Clark said in an interview that he was sitting in a diner during the Christmas season and he could hear the family, in the booth behind him, reciting his film line by line from beginning to end. What do the critics have to say about that? Is anyone reciting his or her reviews line by line? I doubt it. Now, as a filmmaker myself, I feel that is the biggest compliment you can get when it comes to your film. To become a cult classic is also a huge honor, but to become a Christmas cult classic, well that’s the cream of the crop.

If you haven’t seen this film then you are missing out big time, especially if you love the Holiday season. What are you waiting for? If you’re waiting for Christmas, it’s here, so see it! Put it on your watch list Christmas Eve. This is a perfect film to watch before you go to bed and get ready for Santa to visit. It is hilarious, super interesting and great for the whole family.

The Description– A ten year old Ralphie dreams of getting an official red rider bb gun for Christmas. He will take every opportunity to remind his parents of his need for this awesome present. He even writes a paper at school on the subject. The only problem is every adult he mentions this present to responds with one single phrase “you’ll shoot your eye out.”

So we follow a desperate Ralphie and his quirky family in the 1940’s as he tries to find some way to get the present he has always wanted for Christmas.

“A Christmas Story” will definitely have you laughing your way into the Christmas spirit. If it doesn’t, don’t fret, we still have two more films sure to put you in the Christmas spirit this holiday season! The last scene of this film will make you want to snuggle up in your warm bed and dream of the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas.


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