10 Christmas films sure to put you in the Holiday spirit!!

Movie # 5 is… no other than “A Miracle on 34th Street!”

a miracle

It’s hard not to think of “A Miracle on 34th Street” when you dream of this magical holiday. This film has been made over and over again. It’s been made for tv, for stage and even new versions released in the theaters but none of these remakes compare to the original.

The original was so good that it was nominated for Best Picture by the Academy Awards. Even though it didn’t win, “A Miracle on 34th Street” won many other oscars including Best Supporting Actor, Best Original Story and Best Screenplay. So if you need to find a reason to watch this classic, I think the awards should be enough to convince.

This magical story is nothing short of Holiday perfection. The plot, the classic style of filming and the actor playing Santa, Edmund Gwenn, is sure to put you in the holiday spirit. From the casting of the little girl, the famous Natalie Wood, to the scenes of Christmas at Macy’s, this film is all about this famous Holiday and stays on the subject all the way through.

The Description- A man, who claims to be the real Santa Claus, is appalled by a drunk Santa working at Macys on 34th Street, Manhattan. He complains to the Event Director, Doris. She in turn has the drunk Santa fired but with no other Santa to take his place, she hires the man as the new Kris Kringle. But she soon begins to question this man’s sanity because he truly believes he is the real Santa.

Later on, Doris’ daughter, Susan,  goes to visit the Santa at Macy’s, ignoring specific instructions from her Mother. You see, Doris believes in not lying to her child and doesn’t think making up stories about Santa benefits Susan at all. Susan, who is a well trained  young  skeptic, questions her Mother’s lack of belief when she sees the Santa at Macy’s. She asks him a ton of questions which he answers all correctly.  What truly convinces her is when she sees Santa talking to a girl, who doesn’t speak English, in Dutch.

After hearing her daughter’s encounter, Doris begins questioning the man’s sanity  and requests his termination, but Macy’s won’t fire him because he is so popular and has brought the store so much new business. But after Kris Kringle has a moment of violent anger over the greed of an executive, he is placed in a mental institution.

With Christmas only days away, Santa goes to court and tries prove who he really is so he can deliver toys to all the kids on Christmas Eve. The gift he gives Susan and her mother will bring tears to your eyes and will be sure to get you into that Christmas Spirit.

You will feel sorry for the little girl, Susan, who has no magic in her life and chooses to grow up so young. You will smile as you watch Santa try to convince others of his existence and tears will form in your eyes when you discover how he proves his identity. This film is a must see every Christmas and is definitely a film the whole family should watch together.

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2 thoughts on “10 Christmas films sure to put you in the Holiday spirit!!

  1. caragale says:

    This is terrible, but I’ve never seen this one! I really need to because it sounds fantastic. 🙂

  2. dmacmunn says:

    You have to watch it this season! It’s such a beautiful story and the ending gives you that Christmas feeling. A must see.

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