10 Christmas films sure to put you in the Holiday spirit!!

Movie #7 is… “Elf”


“Elf” is the perfect film to put you in the Christmas spirit because you feel like a kid again watching it, especially the 1st hour. What they have done here is combine the magic of Christmas and blended it with adult humor and hilarious scenes. This original take on Christmas is great to watch with the older, more mature family but most young kids will enjoy it and the crude jokes will fly right over their heads. Even if you don’t particularly like him, Wil Farrel is amazing as Buddy. He is perfectly cast and his portrayal of a naive, human Elf is nothing short of genius.

Let me tell you, it’s not easy to break into the Christmas Classic Movie Genre. The films in this group are an elite few and “Elf” is very close to securing a spot, if it hasn’t already. I have just recently added this film to my must watch list every year. I feel the first half of the film is way better than the conclusion, but not everything is perfect. That’s why “Elf” scored so low in this category.

“Elf” will have you laughing from the beginning and will leave you with a warm, Christmas feeling at the end. Now the ending is kind of cheesy and hard to buy, but the comedy, plot and message make up for any weak points this film has. So sit back and prepare to feel like a kid again as you travel to the North Pole with the warm nostalgic sound of Bob Newhart’s voice narrating. If you haven’t seen this one yet, then you are in for a real Christmas treat.

The Decription- A naive Elf named Buddy lives at the North Pole. He believes he is an Elf but doesn’t fit in with the others due to his size. After realizing he is human and is of no use to Santa because he is so large, he travels to New York City to find his Father (Walter Hobbs) who doesn’t even know he exists.

Soon after arriving in New York City he tracks down Walter, who runs a Children’s Book publishing company. After his Father denies him, Buddy goes to work in a department store but is soon fired for fighting with the fake Santa. Realizing Buddy is his son, Walter decides to take him in to his own home, where the out of touch Buddy wins over his son (Miachael’s) heart with his huge, naive Christmas spirit.

Buddy and Michael soon find themselves in Central Park trying to help Santa fix his broken sleigh. They all realize the only way they can save Christmas is to get people to believe in the holiday spirit which will get Santa’s sleigh flying again.

Wow, that’s a hard movie to sum up in a few words… If you want to see a totally original take on Christmas through a hilarious Elf’s eyes, this is the perfect film for you. You will laugh your but off watching Buddy try to adjust to the Manhattan lifestyle and will get a nice warm feeling when Christmas is saved once again at the end. So get out the eggnog and the Christmas snacks because you are in for a real treat. Just don’t drink and eat too much because you are sure to bust a gut watching this hilarious, soon to be Holiday Classic.

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2 thoughts on “10 Christmas films sure to put you in the Holiday spirit!!

  1. caragale says:

    Love this one–as you already saw. Haha. Nice review! 🙂

  2. dmacmunn says:

    Yeah, you have to love this film. It is so original, funny and really gets you loving the Holiday season.

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