10 Christmas films sure to put you in the Holiday spirit!!

Movie # 8 is… “Arthur Christmas!”


This film is funny, modern and is sure to be a Christmas classic in the years to come. I went to go see this with my family in Massachusetts and we all loved it! We got free tickets to a showing at 10 in the morning. Now, if you ever think of eating popcorn and drinking a huge soda in the morning, don’t do it, it ruined my whole day. That’s why people don’t go to the movies at 10 a.m. and that is sure to be the reason why these tickets were free.

But other than the upset tummy, this film was so fun to watch! It has a great plot, a nice modern twist on Santa and a beautiful, heart warming message. If your eyes don’t tear up at the end of this film, then you should go visit Who-ville and live on a cliff because you really are a Grinch. The characters are richly funny and are sure to tie your stomach into knots laughing. I honestly don’t think there is a boring part of this film.

If you are looking for a classic style Christmas film then this is not the film for you and that’s why it scores so low on my list. But if you want a perfect mixture of modern day and Christmas spirit, this film is a must see. It will become a Christmas classic watched every year for sure, it’s that good.

The description- O.K…. the plot… wow this is not going to be easy. So basically, the film opens up in the future. The current Santa Claus is really old and is losing his mind. His older son pretty much runs the whole operation with Santa making a cameo at one of the houses to make it legit. They have this elaborate operation where numerous elves go into homes and stuff the stockings, put presents under the tree and of course make it appear as if Santa has visited. Oh yeah, also Santa’s sleigh is now a big spaceship… Have to mention that.

Now, this new system of delivering gifts  is full proof and has never failed. Santa’s son boasts about how not one child or house has ever been missed on Christmas Eve. Well, of course a kid is missed this season and the misfit younger son, Arthur, goes on a journey to make sure this kid gets his bike. Wow… I can’t believe I summed it up in such a short paragraph… I’m impressed.

So basically we follow Arthur and his Grand Dad, who is the Santa who of course sticks to the old, traditional ways, as they take out the old sleigh and ancient reindeer to try and deliver this forgotten gift to save the perfect Christmas.

Now, there is a lot more to the story that I’m not mentioning. Tons of subplots and magical scenes as they travel across the world to find this one forgotten house. “Arthur Christmas” is one of those rare Christmas films that is great for the family of all ages. The kids are entertained by the magic and crazy funny scenes, while the adults enjoy reminiscing on how Christmas used to be and laugh at the loaded, adult jokes. This movie is a perfect film to help get into the Christmas spirit and I hope to rate it higher in the future, but you have to give the classics the upper hand. For without the classic films, the Christmas genre of film would not be what it is today.

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