10 Great Gift Ideas for the Man this Christmas!!

Gift idea # 6 is… A Stocking stuffed with fun stuff


Now this may not be that original of a gift idea, but it is perfect if you can’t figure out what to buy. Also, it is perfect if you are not going to be with this particular person on Christmas. I have used this gift idea a few times. What you do is pick one main present, that will be your feature gift and then make all the others stuffers candy and fun things. Not only is this fun for the man in your life, but it’s a blast to put together.

I have many websites that are great for stocking stuffers, especially for adults. I found this site called http://www.perpetualkid.com The gifts on this site are all original merchandise you probably have never seen before and a lot of the items are hilarious. You will have a field day on this site. There is also Gifts.com, Redenvelope.com and Kotulas.com, which all have awesome, original stocking stuffers.

I came up with this idea while living in Manhattan. I was living in an apartment on the upper East side with my girlfriend at the time and I was going home to Boston for the Holidays, like I do every year.  But my girlfriend couldn’t join due to work and the fact she barely knew my family, so she decided to stay in New York for the Holidays. I felt bad because she was going to be all by herself. So what I did was put a stocking together of all her favorite makeup (which was Mac- damn you girls spend a lot on makeup) and a lot of other neat stuff. I hid it under the kitchen sink and called her Christmas morning to tell her Santa had visited. She was so excited and it really did make her Christmas a lot better then it was.

So if you’re going to be away for the holidays or you just can’t figure out what to buy someone, go with the stocking idea! It’s a hit! Make it fun and childish! Hide it and tell them Santa has visited or even set up some clues to find it. You can go in all kinds of different directions with this gift. I truly believe people just want to feel like a kid again and that is one of the main reasons people love Christmas so much. So make it fun for the man, trust me, it won’t disappoint.

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