10 Great Gift Ideas for the Man this Christmas!!

Gift idea #8 is… USB Electronic Flameless Lighter


For order info. click or copy and paste this link in your browser- www2.pulsetv.com/prodinfo.asp?rcid=117&number=6375

O.K. So this gift is a cheap one. If you have a small budget, have a secret Santa or want a cool stocking stuffer, the flameless lighter is perfect. Especially if the man you are buying for is either a smoker or an outdoors man. This is something you don’t mind having in your car or out in the wilderness. It’ only $6 if you go to the website I recommended above.

This is one of the coolest gadgets out there and is sure to make your man drool when he opens it. I guarantee he won’t stop plugging it in and watching it heat up.

Also, if you have an outdoors man to buy for, just combine this lighter with a portable USB battery pack (example below.)


Trust me, he will love this. So, when he has to light a fire out in the woods, all he has to do is plug the lighter into the battery pack and he has a flame. He never has to worry about matches getting wet or a lighter running out of fluid. Also, he can use the battery pack for many other things on his camping trip, especially for his phone if an emergency occurs.

If you want to amaze the man you are giving this gift to, go ahead and give him the whole lighter and battery package. This is my original idea that I am sharing with you. So it is sure to amaze!  It is useful in so many ways and is under $50 for the whole gift idea. You can’t go wrong with this. Both items are great to keep in your car for emergencies, especially when traveling. Also, he will have so many other uses for both items by themselves.

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