Happy Thanksgiving!!! Don’t forget to check out “The Twilight Zone” marathon!!!

Happy Thanksgiving! Don’t forget to check out “The Twilight Zone” marathon on the SYFY channel playing all day and night on Thanksgiving! You may catch a couple of my top “15 episodes with the most shocking twists,” if you’re lucky.


I  also figured I would give you a great movie recommendation to watch on Thanksgiving with your family. I watch it every year and love it. It is directed by one of my favorite Directors of all time, which I will do a top ten list for… really soon. I admire this Director so much because he did it his way.

This film, just like many of his other films, was written, directed and produced by him! I love that! That’s what I want to do! And let me tell you this, the critiques were not too friendly towards his films like “The Breakfast Club” and “Sixteen Candles.” A lot of critiques panned his films which later would become the quintessential teenage films of the 80’s. His films are the perfect example of what life was like for kids in the 1980’s, down to the clothes they wore and how they chewed their gum. This Director felt the kids of the 80’s were overlooked and forgotten. He was right, the 80’s kids got the short end of the deal while the culture paid more attention to the cold war, corporations taking over and a President with his crazy trickle down theories. Thank god this Director took the time to make these films as we would have very few, legitimate, good films to watch that reminds us of our teenage years.

This man was obsessed with the 80’s pop culture and loved the punk scene at that time. Not only did he make phenomenal films but he also hand picked the soundtracks himself and even got some really obscure 80’s bands to do original soundtracks for him. He loved music so much that he would later give out iPods loaded with his favorite music as Christmas and Birthday presents.

If you guessed it, well done, well actually it’s the only really good Thanksgiving movie out there and I think it will stay that way. “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” made it’s debut in 1987 and was an instant hit.


It instantly became a holiday favorite and is known as the only Thanksgiving movie worth watching out there. John Hughes was rumored to write the script in only 3 days. He also shot more than double the footage needed, so there is like 3 hours of this film on the cutting room floor. They should just release it as is, I would watch it. Actually, it’s probably better than half the crap that is out there today.

This film needs no introduction or description, just watch it. It’s about a family man (Steve Martin) who is trying to get home for Thanksgiving, but has a few obstacles in his way, to say the least. So he teams up with a funny, curtain sales man (John Candy) and tries to get home in time for Thanksgiving dinner. Great film, awesome cast and hilarious scenes! My favorite scene goes a little like this…

“Those aren’t pillows!!!”

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy!

Also, if you and your family would like to check out my television series “A Seat on a Train” in honor of “The Twilight Zone” marathon that is running all day and night on Thanksgiving; please check it out at http://www.aseatonatrain.com  The 1st episode “Out of Place” released on Halloween. If you love “The Twilight Zone” then why not come take “A Seat on a Train!”


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