15 “Twilight Zone”episodes with the most shocking twists! Episode #1…

The episode with the most shocking twist is… The After Hours (Season 1, Episode 34) On Netflix!

The After Hours

Happy Thanksgiving! My gift to you is “The After Hours.” And what a great gift it is. This is “The Twilight Zone,” literally. It has the perfect Twilight Zone feel, the perfect TZ  sound and definitely the perfect TZ story! Not only is it shocking but the main twist reveals itself in the middle of the episode, out of nowhere, then it ends with a pretty cool one too. That is why this episode got its spot at the top of my list.

“The After Hours” is so well written, has very interesting characters and grabs your attention right from opening.This episode plays with you, with interesting camera shots, spooky music and whispering voices.  I saw this episode when I was young and it scared the daylights out of me. I never will view Department stores the same again.  I still find the subject matter very creepy today.

“The After Hours” shows Rod Serling’s genius when it comes to writing intricate stories with elaborate twists. The actress who plays Marsha is perfectly cast and you will see why when they reveal the twist. She’s the type of actress you would see in a Hitchcock film, another blonde actress for Alfred to obsess over. There really isn’t any strong message and it really doesn’t need one. This episode is so fun, strange and eery that it will have you thinking about it for a long time after. “The After Hours” is one of the reasons I created my television series “A Seat on a Train.”

The description– Marsh White browses a department store looking for a gold thimble for her mother.  She is directed to an empty elevator with  just the elevator man inside.  She finds the man and the fact she got an elevator all to herself on such a busy shopping day, very strange. The man takes her up to the ninth floor. When Marsh steps out, she realizes the floor is empty and turns around to get back on the elevator, but the doors close on her. She wanders around the floor confused. There isn’t a thing for sale and no sales associates.

Marsha is  all of the sudden startled by a mysterious saleswoman, wearing a dress suit, stepping out of the shadows. The sales woman takes her over and shows her a gold thimble that is for sale. Marsha is extremely puzzled by this. She can’t believe a whole floor has nothing but the one item that she came to purchase.

After some very strange banter with the woman, Marsha gets back on the elevator with the strange man, planning to leave the store all together. But then she notices the thimble she bought is all scratched up and has a dent in it. She demands the elevator man bring her back up to the ninth floor, but he drops her off on the third, directing her to the ‘complaints department.’

Marsha complains to a manager about the thimble. The manager assures her they will refund the money, but asks her what floor she purchased it from. When she tells him the ninth floor, he looks at her confused and informs her that “there is no ninth floor.” Marsha argues with him and a sales associate, insisting she bought the thimble from a saleswoman on the ninth floor. When all seems lost, Marsha recognizes the sales woman, who has her back turned to her, standing at the other end of the store. She screams over to the sales woman…

And that’s it! Did I get  your attention yet? I can’t go any further because I will end up revealing the twist. And what a great twist it is! A shocker that will send shivers up and down your body. The way they reveal the twist accompanied by squealing violins, is just plain jarring and makes you take a second look at a certain object that is displayed in most department stores. I find them plain creepy.

So, that’s it for “15 Twilight Zone episodes with the most shocking twists.” There are plenty of other episodes to explore, but if you love the twisted ones, then you have come to the right place. Let me know your thoughts on the list. Maybe I forgot an episode that you think should have been on the list. Don’t be shy, let me know.

Also, don’t forget, If you’re up for another twisted shock, come and check out my television series “A Seat on a Train” at http://www.aseatonatrain.com  If you loved this “Twilight Zone” list, then you are for sure going to want to take “A Seat on a Train.”


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