15 “Twilight Zone”episodes with the most shocking twists! Episode #2…

Episode #2 is… A Stop at Willoughby (Season 1, Episode 30) On Netflix!

A Stop at Willoughby

You ever had that job you just couldn’t stand? A job where you make a good living, but grit your teeth every time you have to go in? A job where your heart starts to race as you enter in the morning, revealing signs of a panic attack? A job, where you know you have to go in and are counting down the minutes to the inevitable? A job so bad, you find yourself making up another place that is magical and is the place you would rather be? I think we have all been there before. If you haven’t then you are either really young or you are extremely lucky. Hold on to it as long as you can, because you don’t want to be apart of this “Twilight Zone” episode.

You want to know my favorite episode of all time..? well here it is. I absolutely adore this episode from beginning to end. “A Stop at Willoughby” has everything. A great story everyone can relate to, a mysterious plot that keeps you thinking and of course, a shocking, memorable twist! Actually, this one has two twists where one sets up the other and are both equally jarring. “A Stop at Willoughby” is nothing short of a masterpiece and is the best written episode out there. If you only see one episode from this great series, this is the one I recommend. The twist will shock the crap out of you and you will smile in satisfaction when it’s over.

The description- Grant Williams works at an advertising agency in Manhattan, New York. He is completely fed up with his career. After taking a hammering from his boss for losing an account, Grant nods off on the train, on his way home.

He later wakes up and the train has stopped. A Conductor yells “Willoughby… Last Stop Willoughby…” Grant notices that he has woken up in the 1800’s, in a nice quaint town called Willoughby. A town where a man can walk slow and smell the flowers. A town where Huckleberry Fin would be raised. Grant goes to look out and the train starts moving again. He wakes up back in his own time, still on the train.

When home,Grant  explains this dream to his wife. He says he wants to live in that town, a town he has manufactured in his head. She gets angry with him. She pretty much tells him that she wants to be with an executive, not a guy who thinks he’s Huckleberry Fin. His success is basically all she married.

So the next night he is riding home on the same train again. A conductor comes over and tells him there is no such town called Willoughby, answering his question from the night before.  So, Grant dozes off once again and wakes up in the same town, same scenario. This time he goes to get off, but the train starts moving just as he gets to the last step. Grant screams for the conductor and then wakes up back in his own time. He sits up and says “Next time I will get off.”

I will leave it right there. That is the perfect spot for me to leave it. The ending will blow your freaking mind. It’s so good and now I think of it, it kind of has a creepy message. It leaves you a little horrified but happy at the same time. The acting is phenomenal. The sets and camera work are amazing. And you can’t forget about the dialogue. Especially the boss screaming “Push! Push! Push! If this episode was a movie, it would have an oscar. Yeah, it’s that good!

Speaking of trains, why don’t you come and take “A Seat on a Train.” It’s a series I wrote and directed. I released the 1st episode on Halloween called “Out of Place.” I pay homage to Rod Serling’s creepy classics with up to date stories that pertain to our times.


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