15 “Twilight Zone”episodes with the most shocking twists! Episode #3…

Episode #3 is… To Serve Man (Season 3, Episode 24) On YouTube!

To Serve Man

The twist in “To Serve Man” is nothing short from phenomenal! It is one of the most shocking, jarring twists out there and it definitely doesn’t leave  you with a nice, warm fuzzy feeling like “Night of the Meek.” This episode fully deserves this ranking on my list and I found it hard to put it this low. The story is extremely interesting and has a great message as well.

Rod Serling’s underlying problem with man and war comes out in this episode once again. But this time he tackles the issue by showing a world that has no more war, no more hunger and unlimited resources. What if an advanced being came to earth and promised to solve all our problems with nothing asked in return? A great subject to tackle, but as we realize with our own selfish needs, that nothing ever comes without a price.

The description– We open up with Michael Chambers on a space ship. A voice instructs him to eat. He refuses. He asks what time it is on Earth and then starts to tell a story, luring the audience into a flash back.

What has happened is the Kanamits, a nine foot alien race, has landed on Earth. These aliens are much more advanced than humans, they even communicate by using telepathy.  They inform the humans that they have come in peace, but world leaders are very skeptical of these strange beings, until the aliens start solving all of man’s problems. The Kanamits have the technology to grow anything anywhere, destroy all nuclear arms safely and supply the earth with cheap unlimited resources.

Solving all of men’s problems, the humans naturally start to trust the aliens. Then the trust is even more justified, when Patty, one of the cryptographers, translates the title of a book they had given as a peace accord. The title turns out to be translated as “To Serve Man.” Well, with war, poverty and the lack of resources not a problem anymore, people start to get curious to what the alien’s planet is like. So the Kanamtis start arranging trips back to their planet.

Well, Michael Chambers is scheduled for one of these excursions but just as he is about to board, Patty comes pushing through the crowd, screaming…

I will say no more, I have probably said too much. When they drop the bomb on you, you are not going to believe it. You will never figure out what the twist is. It is ingenious. The only reason “To Serve Man” scored lower than the next two postings, is because I felt the beginning and ending could have been a little tighter and more well though out. But other than that, get ready for a shocker! This one is a doozie!

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