15 “Twilight Zone”episodes with the most shocking twists! Episode #6…

Episode #6 is… I Shot an Arrow into the Air (Season 1, Episode 15) On Netflix!

I shot an arrow into the air

I know what you’re thinking, what a horrible poster… but is it? Well, you’re looking at the twist, right there! The whole episode comes down to that primitive marking in the ground and when you find out what it is… man, this episode really shocks you. It has a really cool twist that you keep on thinking about after. I actually went ahead and watched it twice and it was even better the second time around! This is Rod Serling at his best and it doesn’t shock me when I found out it was one of his first.

Not only does it have a great twist, but the life lesson is really good also. It shows you how some men truly are when their lives are in danger. You have the people who work as a team and then you have the ones who are out for themselves. When rations are low and one less man means more days to live for the others, some men find there lives more important than the ones around him .

Well, that’s the theme of this episode. A theme Rod Serling loved to write about, how people are truly like when a crisis happens. He also tackled the same theme with an episode called “The Monsters are Due on Maple Street.” This one is worth the watch. The lesson is really good but the twist is really cheesy. That’s why it never makes my lists.

“I Shot an Arrow into the Air” really shows Rod Serling’s problem with man himself. I think a lot of these great episodes were a way for Serling to show his displeasure with the war he fought in. In WWII, Serling saw a lot of horrors being apart of “The Death Squad,” which fought in Japan and had a 50% casualty rate. These episodes really show what he felt man is capable of and even more, showed his absolute mistrust of his fellow man. Even the people who are supposedly close to you.

The description- An eight man aircraft crashes on an asteroid. Four men are dead and another critically wounded. Cory wants to take his water and save it for them later. He feels the man is doomed anyway, so why waste water on him. The other two men, Donlin and Pierson, are appalled by Cory’s behavior and refuse to let a dying man suffer from thirst.

Well, the man ends up dying and the three guys decide to go trek and see if they can find water. Well, Donlin doesn’t return and Corey has a full cantine after coming back from a long hike. Pierson decides to hold Corey at gun point and make him lead him to Donlin.

So they find Donlin barely alive. Donlin points toward the mountains. Then, he weakly draws a large T in the sand with his finger and dies.

That’s it! I will say no more! Wow, is this a great episode. I am so excited for the ones who are seeing it for the first time. This one really blew my mind and is one I talk about to everyone. The only reason it scored lower is because of how they reveal the twist. They draw it out a little to long with an unnecessary voiceover narration. Not a great choice, but everything else is pretty much perfect.

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