15 “Twilight Zone”episodes with the most shocking twists! Episode #8…

Epsiode #8 is… Twenty Two (Season 2, Episode 53) On YouTube!

Twenty Two

“This is Miss Liz Powell. She’s a professional dancer and she’s in the hospital as a result of overwork and nervous fatigue. And at this moment we have just finished walking with her in a nightmare. In a moment she’ll wake up and we’ll remain at her side. The problem here is that both Miss Powell and you will reach a point where it might be difficult to decide which is reality and which is nightmare, a problem uncommon perhaps but rather peculiar to the Twilight Zone.”- Rod Serling

Sorry folks, I missed the last 3 days due to visitors. I tried to get all my posts in but just couldn’t find the time. We will just start off right where we left.

“Twenty Two” is another Twilight Zone episode that suffered from the cheap cuts made by CBS. This is another example of great, creepy Serling content that has been hurt by low production value and lack of funds. “Twenty Two” is very scary in it’s form now, I couldn’t imagine how powerful it would have been if it had the proper production value and money. This is one of the main reasons I scored “Twenty Two” so low.

Now, this episode scored higher than the previous because it is pretty scary.  One of the scariest Serling ever wrote, in my opinion. The twist had to be ground breaking then and it probably shocked  the hell out of the viewers at that time. But as with a lot of Rod Serling’s content, it has been copied and done over and over again. You are probably pretty familiar with this type of twist, so don’t blame the episode, blame the directors, writers and producers who decided to beat this theme to death.

Other than that, you are in for a real treat. The music and images in this episode creep me out still to this day. There’s something about this episode that really scares me. Even the low quality filming adds to the suspense in this one. The dream sequences are really weird and spooky.The best thing about “Twenty Two” is it keeps you guessing. You wonder where it is going and even if you figure out the twist, the episode is so well done, you will just keep on watching. Then to add to it all, the actress they chose to be in the dream sequences is really eire looking. She was perfectly cast for this role and adds to the thrill of the episode.

The description- Liz Powell, an over-worked professional dancer, is in the hospital. We learn that she has been having the same recurring nightmare which is freaking her out. In this nightmare, Liz thinks she has woken but is still sleeping and dreaming. She goes through the same steps every time including knocking a full glass of water off her night stand. Following that she would hear foot steps and would go to the door to investigate.

As she exits her room she sees an elevator, and notices a nurse getting on it. The Nurse’s face is hidden in the shadows, but Liz sees her clearly as the elevator door closes. Liz sees the elevator floor indicator panel, which shows that the elevator has gone to the basement of the hospital. Liz rides the same elevator to the basement. She gets off the elevator, and approaches a room with a set of swinging doors. The word “morgue” is printed on the doors, and over the doorway she sees the number “22”. The strange nurse then emerges from the room and says: “Room for one more, honey.” Liz screams, waking up in the hospital bed.

Now Liz feels the dream is real and is convinced the nurse from her dream works in the hospital. Even when the doctor shows her the nurse that isn’t the one in her dream, Liz still believes it’s real. But what the Doctor can’t figure out is how Liz knows about the Morgue in room 22 down in the basement. Especially since she’s never been down there.

I will say no more. “Twenty Two” is really fun and unsettling. Even if you do figure things out before it’s revealed, you still will get some goosebumps when it’s revealed. A definite must see and a good example of how creepy Serling can get.

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