15 “Twilight Zone”episodes with the most shocking twists! Episode #10…

Episode #10 is… Third From the Sun (Season 1, Episode 14) On Netflix!

third from the sun

This episode is really different from all the others. Kind of reminds me of an Alfred Hitchcock episode. The filming is weird, the characters are kind of off and the patterns are strange. Even the phone and objects around the house are just a little different from normal. Close to normal, but just not quite.

That is what makes “Third from the Sun” so genius. Right from the beginning, it is setting you up for a twist. It really is masterful all the way around. It keeps you wondering and you’re not so sure what the hell is going on. You know there is a plot but not sure where they are going with it. The music and filming make you feel unsettled, building the tension until they drop the big bomb on you.  Then it all makes sense. I mean it all comes together, all at once. It even makes sense of the title, which I never got until I finished the episode. It really is a remarkable story and I’m kind of second guessing putting it so low. Oh well, I chose it to be here and did it for a reason.

The Description– The world is coming to an end! Wil Sturka, a bomb scientist, has been forced to produce a lot of H-bombs to prepare for an inevitable nuclear war. Wil has a plan to escape on a rocket ship with his family and his co-worker Jerry Riden. Jerry has a planet they can go to and live in peace. The problem is they only have that night to leave before the end of their world and to top it off, their supervisor is on to them. He over heard them planning and is now trying to catch them in the act.

I can say no more than this, the music and filming really makes this an intense episode to watch. You will scratch your head as you watch but will still be glued to the screen. But when that twist hits, I guarantee you, you will nod in satisfaction. This episode is giving the twist away every minute of the film, that’s what makes it so great. But what is even more remarkable is, you won’t figure the twist out, no matter how hard you try. Yeah, it’s that good!

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