15 “Twilight Zone”episodes with the most shocking twists! Episode #11…

Episode #11 is… The Lateness of the hour ( Season 2, Episode 8) On Netflix!

The Lateness of the hour

“The residence of Dr. William Loren, which is in reality a menagerie for machines. We’re about to discover that sometimes the product of man’s talent and genius can walk amongst us untouched by the normal ravages of time. These are Dr. Loren’s robots, built to functional as well as artistic perfection. But in a moment Dr. William Loren, wife and daughter will discover that perfection is relative, that even robots have to be paid for, and very shortly will be shown exactly what is the bill.”- Rod Serling

Rod Serling always loved to do episodes about robots. I really do think he would be disappointed that we have not developed the human robot today. His episodes about robots would be copied and expanded upon in so many films and tv shows we see today. Movies like “Short Circuit,” “Terminator” and “2001 Space Odyssey” all have elements of the classic Twilight Zone episodes.

But Rod Serling gets really deep in this episode that he also wrote. He attacks a couple of themes like, “can robots believe they are really alive” and “could robots take over by doing everything for us. In turn, fearing humans may become obsolete through their own laziness.” These are themes that amaze us as audiences. Some of the biggest, best Sceince fiction films have followed these themes. But this episode is one of the first and it really shows us what a genius Rod Serling was. So you have to respect it because it was one of the first of its kind. Also it has a really cool twist, well actually two twists and it has some really creepy moments that make your skin crawl.

Yeah, I really like this episode. I think the only reason it scores so low on this list is because CBS got really cheap and decided to replace film with video recorders, used for live news casts and such. So the quality is very low and stagy looking because recording on video just doesn’t have that necessary depth and quality that film has. Well, thank god they came to their senses and stopped this awful way to save a buck. But unfortunately some really great Twilight Zone Episodes suffered! It is really sad! Because it really kills the mood and quality of these episodes. This episode and “Long Distance Call” are fantastic episodes and if they were shot properly like the others, they would have ranked at the top with the best. They still are amazing though and they definitely have their moments.

The Description– Jana, the daughter of a genius inventor is upset. She feels like a prisoner in her own home. She feels due to her father’s genius inventions that they have become lazy and dependent on their robot servants. See the father has invented robots that look, act and sound like regular human beings. These robots do everything for them, while they enjoy a nice peaceful, relaxing life.

Jana hates her father’s inventions and wants to be rid of them. She feels they are trying to take over by making the family dependent on them. She begs her father to destroy all of them. Well, after threatening to run away, her father finally complies. He dismantles all of the unwilling robots.

Now free of the servants, Jana is happy. She wants to go out and explore. She wants to see the world. She wants to find love and give her parents a grandchild. But she will soon discover that getting rid of her father’s inventions is not as easy and simple as she thought…

I can say no more. I really think I said a little too much but I will leave it a that. This is a great episode and I think you just may get a few chills up the spine at the end. The twist is pretty creepy. Well, I thought it was at least. So get ready to make a stop into Rod Serling’s mind and one of his favorite subjects when you take a journey into “The Twilight Zone.”

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