15 “Twilight Zone”episodes with the most shocking twists!

Twists… Twists… Twists. I love them! I live for them! I write them! I have created a whole television series just so I could invent them called “A Seat on a Train” at http://www.aseatonatrain.com There is nothing more exciting to me than someone coming up and saying, “See this movie, it has a great twist.” I want to know nothing more. I just want to see that film and get shocked with a crazy turn of events.

Well, some of my favorite shows have twists and I learned from the best. First you have Alfred Hitchcock who always seems to fit a twist or two in his films and especially in his television series, “Alfred Hitchcock Presents.” But the master of the twist surely goes to one of my favorite writer of all time, Rod Serling. This man is a master when it comes to creating amazing, shocking, believable twists.

Now there are a lot of elements that have to take place to make a believable, shocking twist. The rules are pretty loose but if you don’t have a believable twist that isn’t predictable, then your audience is just going to laugh at your whole project. A bad twist can ruin a great film. I will give you a perfect example of this! This example is perfect to show you how a great film is destroyed by a bad twist. This horror film I loved until it got towards the end and the twist came. It was so bad that the director was booed at Cannes.

If you guessed it then you know your horror films and I’m sure you felt as violated as everyone else did by this awful twist! This twist angered people so much, they booed Alexander Aja at Cannes. Yes, it was “High Tensions!”

I won’t spoil it for you because the twist is so bad, you really need to experience it yourself. The film is also a must see, because the first half is petrifying, edge of your seat horror. One of the best first halves of a horror film ever made.

So, anyway, being such a huge “Twilight Zone” fan myself, I couldn’t resist talking about my favorite episodes with the best twists. I won’t give the twist away, but will give you a short description of each episode. So, let’s get to it!

Episode #15… The Invaders (season 2, episode 15) on Netflix!

The Invaders

This episode is a real treat. It aired in the second season. Rod Serling didn’t really have much of a hand in it, but it is a fantastic episode. The twist is kind of dated and cheesy, that’s why it sits at #15. If it wasn’t for the amazing film and story quality, this episode wouldn’t have been so successful. I also feel this episode is a great introduction to “The Twilight Zone.” I want to get you excited about these twists and I feel this episode will definitely grab your interest.

So here’s the description-  An old woman does chores in an old, secluded, farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. You can see she doesn’t have much money by the rags she wears and the primitive tools she uses.

Suddenly, she hears a deafening sound followed with a crash on her roof. She cautiously investigates, climbing up the ladder only to find a miniature spaceship in her attic. While she is inspecting the ship, she is suddenly  attacked by 2 six inch space creatures. They shoot lasers which burns her skin and leaves big red welts. You watch as she battles for her life against these two weird specimens, building tension and then finishing you off with a crazy twist!

The great thing about this episode is it’s beautifully shot and has a great score and sounds to go with it. This episode is really simple and grabs your attention right from the beginning. You wonder who these creatures are and where they are hiding, waiting for one to jump out. And to top it off… to prove to you how great this episode is… It only has a couple of lines spoken at the end. That’s right, the whole episode is practically without dialogue. But don’t let this turn you off because they replace that dialogue with creepy sounds and  riveting music, which consists of screeching violins.

I absolutely love this episode! The acting is phenomenal, the story is riveting and the payoff is a little cheesy, but is well worth the wait. This episode is a must see and is perfect to start your journey into “The Twilight Zone.”

Also, check out the first episode of a television show I created called “A Seat on a Train” at http://www.aseatonatrain.com  If you love “The Twilight Zone” then why not come take “A Seat on a Train?”


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