Movie #11… The Bonus movie to watch on Halloween is… “Out of Place” 1st episode of “A Seat on a Train.”

A Seat on a Train Poster


I know… I have no shame… I used the bonus movie to promote my TV series “A Seat on a Train.” But seriously, it is a really good show with a great first episode called “Out of Place.” If you love “The Twilight Zone” then why not come take “A Seat on a Train.”  Support your local artist and check it out at http://www.aseatonatrain.com

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed “10 Halloween Horror Movies For You And Your Teen.” I wish I could erase all these films from my memory and go through this list one by one! I think my head would explode from such a list of great entertainment! I couldn’t handle it all at once. Too intense. Hope your teen copes with it better.

Please, if you do try this list with your teen, I would love to hear some feedback. These are the cream of the crop films, that will scare the crap out of you but don’t cross that line content wise. To watch such a line up all at once and never seeing one, I am undeniably jealous. Seriously, If I was to find a time machine, I would go back in time and show myself this list as a kid, once again.


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