Movie #10 is…. Halloween!


Yes, I chose it! How can you not have a movie that was made specifically about Halloween, showing on Halloween? No way! You have to and that is why I chose this film!

Now, I really have to warn you about this one because it follows the basic, campy, slasher film rule. The rule is, teens who have sex will be punished! Every older slasher film follows this rule including films like “Friday the 13th,” “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and “Black Christmas” to name a few.  So with this rule you are going to have some sex and nudity. But really, it’s minimal and it’s just boobies. I don’t know about you but I’ve been looking at boobies since I was a baby, so I really don’t see the big deal. Let’s grow up America! Uh oh… I smell a soap box..

(Soap Box- Really America? Boobs are bad? Has anyone ever gone to Europe, especially England or France? We really have to grow up in this department! It has gotten ridiculous! England has a boob of the week in their Daily paper for god’s sake! France is constantly using nude, sexy billboards to sell their products. They are just boobs! They serve a purpose and I don’t see why we are so puritanical about this subject! It is really ridiculous that a woman still has to fight to breast feed her baby in public! It’s a natural thing that almost every warm blooded animal in nature does! Now I understand, put a blankie over, to keep it private. There’s no reason people need to watch. Honestly, I would want a blankie just to keep the perverts from watching me. I would do it for myself, not for anyone else. I am obviously stating this because there are boobs in this film, but it’s just quick shots and is innocent, really. There is a little sexual content and some pot smoking, but other than that, the film is safe. Anyway, look at it like this,  it’s like a lesson for your kid because every character who participates in these horrible activities dies a gruesome death. So your kid will be more scared to do these acts since he witnesses the consequences from this film! So, if anyone questions your parenting skills, throw that one at them! That will shut them up!)

The reasons I chose this film are…

Reason #1– The best Halloween film ever! This is a real treat! It’s not as scary as some other films you watched prior, but the campy, Halloween feeling makes up for it all. Actually, there was no script for this film. The Director, John Carpenter, wanted to make a film about Halloween, so they pieced together a bunch of elements that they found scary and made the movie. Well, this movie changed how we look at Halloween all together. It took us out of the whole MGM themed Halloween with Frankenstien and Dracula and catapulted us into a much scarier, realistic holiday. You started to see a lot more scarier costumes on the street, especially Mike Myers. There isn’t a person who has seen this film that hasn’t thought about Michael Myers at some point on Halloween. That brings me to my next reason…

Reason #2– Michael Myers. This is one of the most well known villains in horror history. Michael Myers was one of the first to start this huge movie franchise along with Freddie Kruger and Jason Vorhees. It’s hard to believe that a serial killer character, who was pieced together as they filmed, would become one of the most well known characters in Hollywood history. His whole image is a jump suit with a William Shatner mask, that they cut the eyes and mouth out of, painted white! That’s it! But his image is one of the scariest in horror movie history. Seeing Michael Myers on a dark street corner gives me the chills till this day. The emotionless mask symbolizes his lack of conscience and his taste for killing whatever crosses his path. Michael Myers is a true serial killer, who only wants to kill and destroy. He cannot be reasoned with and to top it off, he is near impossible to kill.

Reason #3– A great campy feeling. Didn’t I mention this is the best Halloween movie ever? It really is! A big part of this is the way John Carpenter sets the tone, right from the opening scene. The opening of this movie is fantastic. It starts with a black screen, then you hear this simple, creepy piano score and a single lit jack-o-lantern appears as we watch the opening credits. The music alone makes me want to hide under the couch!

Right from the opening, Carpenter hits you with halloween images, sounds and atmosphere. This film was shot so low budget, they had to shoot it in northern California, which really doesn’t have much of a fall season at all. But, Carpenter wanted the different colored leaves that symbolize fall in October and of course sets the tone for Halloween. So the crew got together and painted leaves all different fall colors and scattered them around each scene! This is the type of attention to detail that really makes this film  memorable. Almost every horror film maker wants to do what John Carpenter accomplished with this film. It’s a real Cinderella man type situation. Even with a paper thin budget, Carpenter found a way to get his vision on screen. He reused the same painted leaves the whole shoot, so they didn’t waste anymore time and money creating them. Now that’s passion!

Reason #4– The music! Now, very rarely do I recommend a movie because of it’s score. But this film’s score is so iconic, it’s definitely a major reason to watch it. “Halloween’s” score is right up there with “Psycho,” “Star Wars” and “The Exorcist.” Right from the opening credits you know you are in for a scare because the music warns you. There are scenes where nothing happens but your heart jumps because the score comes in. This score is so powerful that they decided to open the film with just a jack-o-lantern, credits and this score. And let me tell you, every minute of it is fascinating as you watch the lit jack-o-lantern coming towards your screen.

Reason #5– The opening scene. The first scene, after the credits, is a scene that will stay in your mind forever. I don’t want to give it away, but it is phenomenal! It’s a little dated for today, but you have to remember, it set the tone for a lot of horror films we see today. Again, Carpenter mixes the music, visuals and mystery to catapult his viewers into the story. Once this movie starts, you are glued to the screen, especially if you watch it on Halloween.

So there it is folks, movie #10! This one isn’t as scary as a lot of the films out there but it is so fun and campy, you won’t even care. And most important of all it’s a classic.

“10 Halloween Horror Movies For You and Your Teen.” Follow this list from beginning to end! This is a great introduction into the horror genre for your teen! It will gradually introduce them to the genre, without scaring them away but also without boring the life out of them. It will also introduce them to a lot of different sub-genres and different classic stories we like to celebrate on Halloween. I know the content starts to get fishy towards the end but you really can’t enjoy this genre without some inappropriate material. Please, let me know what you think of this list? And most importantly of all, Have a horribly, scary Halloween!

Tune in tomorrow for movie #11, to watch on Halloween. A little bonus for your faith in my list.

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