Movie #8… An American Werewolf in London!


O.k. So after the last film, you’re probably sick of seeing dead people. I know I was. But at least we are not dead, for now at least. With this next film, if you appear in the spirit world looking the way you left life, then you don’t want to run into any of this next creature’s victims!

I’m taking a huge risk content wise here. Let me warn you now, this film is extremely violent, quite gory, has a little sex in it and does show some brief nudity. But I feel it is so good that we should be able to look past these minor set backs.  The nudity is brief, with quick shots of the man naked as he turns back from a wolf. And the sex scene is pretty mild and quick. All the scenes have a purpose and are not put in there just for the sake it.

But let me warn you, if you thought the werewolf in “Silver Bullet” was scary, then you better grab a gun fully loaded with bullets for this one! The reasons I picked this film are…

Reason #1– Best werewolf film ever! This is the cream of the crop here! It doesn’t get any scarier than this when it comes to werewolf films! This movie is fantastic from beginning to end! If this film doesn’t scare you then you should become a Navy Seal or something, because you are one tough cookie! This is the best werewolf film ever and I think it will keep that title till the end of time!

Reason #2– It’s good and campy! This film does it the best in my eyes! “American Werewolf in London” blends old town folklore with modern day horror and they do it perfectly! Right from the opening, you know you’re in for a treat, with the foggy atmosphere, spooky sounds in a dark mysterious, small town. The town people are so rustic and mysterious. It gets deep under your skin from the opening and never loses your attention from that point on. You will be exhausted by the time this film is finished.

Reason #3– You get to compare it to “Silver Bullet.” I myself, always love to compare films with the same subject matter. By no means is “Silver Bullet” an inferior film but it is fun to compare the two. You will find that they both stick to the same, old rules but “American Werewolf in London” goes a lot further. Not many subplots in this film because from beginning to end they focus on one thing and one thing only, the big, scary werewolf!

Reason #4– The special effects! Now, I’m not one that is huge on special effects. I feel films rely on the effects more than the story itself these days. Special effects should enhance your film, not be the sole content.

Well, it’s obvious to see that this film spent a lot of time on the story! Then they went ahead and hired someone who is awesome with special effects! When you see the werewolf change, it is nothing short of amazing! They really show you how it would look if a human contorted into a wolf, with sounds to boot! This reason alone should be enough for you to watch this film!

Reason #5–  It’s directed by John Landis! Remember the Michael Jackson video “Thriller?” Well here’s the master who directed it. Talk about versatility as a director, this man can do it all. Let’s see… Do you know movies like “Animal House,”  “The Blues Brother’s,” “The Three Amigos,” “Coming to America…?” Well, Landis directed them all!

Believe it or not, he really hasn’t done many horror films, which makes this accomplishment that much more impressive! This man turns everything he touches into Hollywood gold! He also directed “Twilight Zone- the movie,” which is a fantastic modern day adaptation of the original stories! A must see!

But “American Werewolf” is definitely his best horror film. You will feel his comedy background come through in this film. Not only is it scary as crap but it also has a great sense of humor, making fun of the towns people and the folklore. Just like “The Evil Dead” this film will have you cringing one moment and laughing the next. This also adds to the tension because you never know when you are going to see the werewolf next.

So, pull out that gun once again and fully load this bad boy because you are going on a very scary journey into the back villages of England. You survived the first werewolf but this one is much scarier and a lot stronger! There isn’t a twist in this film but you will find that it is no way short of  being twisted!

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  1. Paul Bowler says:

    American Werewolf in London is a brilliant, film, its also very funny in places, and the werewolf transformation is just brilliant!

    • dmacmunn says:

      Yeah, I love this film! Landis is a genius! He should do more horror films because he is a lot better than what we have out there now. Well, not everyone, but the majority.

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