Movie #7…. The Sixth Sense!

Sixth Sense

“I see dead people….” So what? I’m a Horror Fan! I see dead people all the time and you don’t see me crying about it!

So, you have gone into hibernation and have made it back to earth safely. Boy, do I have a treat waiting for you back home. First, let me ask you this… What if your child woke up some day and suddenly has the ability to see dead people? What would you do…?

Me too! I would race to the phone and call my family psychiatrist. Well, that’s the situation we open up to in “The Sixth Sense,” A  boy who sees dead people and a psychiatrist who is trying to figure out what is wrong with this kid’s head.

So we are moving from the depths of space… barely avoiding total annihilation from a scary, deadly alien… only to come back and explore the depths of a child’s warped brain… or is it really in his head?… The reasons I chose this film are…

Reason #1– Another PG-13 Rating! Yes, we are back to a PG-13 rated film, but once again, it’s scary like a R-rated film. I put this film right on the same level of “Poltergeist.” It’s just as scary, it has the same rating and it deals with the paranormal. “The Sixth Sense” is a great film that shocked the viewers when released in 1999. Good thing is, it has no sex or sexual content what so ever! But I warn you, there are some moments and images that will make you think twice about it’s rating.

Reason #2– The lead character is a child, played by Haley Joel Osment. This movie really plays with your fears and emotions when you realize it is a young boy of around 10 that is being haunted by these terrible images. As I stated with “Silver Bullet,” if you want to make an audience cringe and completely involved, put a helpless child in harms way! Right from the beginning, you are glued to the screen wondering what is going to happen next. Then when things start to escalate, your emotions and fears reach a new level because you care for this harmless kid so much. The fact that he is 10 and is afflicted with this tremendous, terrible gift, not even most adults could handle, makes your mind do circles. Your paternal instinct kicks in and this movie uses it to scare the crap out of you!

Reason #3– It keeps you guessing. “The Sixth Sense” doesn’t only scare the crap out of you but it keeps you guessing from beginning to end. The way director M. Night Shuamalan keeps you wondering, is amazing. Right from the start, you are subjected to a quick, tragic scene! Then from out of nowhere you are with the psychiatrist at the young boy’s house. You have no idea where you are going to be taken next, all the way to the end of the film.

“The Sixth Sense” brings you on a journey of horror and fear through a child’s eyes. The fact you are helpless and don’t know what is going on, makes you relate to the main character that much more! It is a really well set up horror film and is a must see! I’m not a big fan of this director but I do love “The Sixth Sense.”

Last Reason #4– Another Twist! Yeah, I said it… Another Twist and boy is it a doozy!!! I mean a real doozy! You will find out why they set this film up so mysteriously from beginning to end. This twist is so good that I would find it hard to believe you haven’t heard about it. It was definitely a spoiler I had to dodge every step of the way until I went to see the film. The twist in this film is the final touch that makes it a masterpiece. Without this twist, this movie is just another horror film. One of the best set up twists out there! They start setting it up before they even start telling the story. I will say no more or I will give it away.

O.K. So far we have been hunted by werewolves, aliens, vampires, gremlins and ghosts! We fought them courageously and won, for now. But our next villain won’t be so easy, for they don’t fight you one on one. Which leads us to our next question. How do you fight a villain that is silent, invisible and you’re not even sure exists? How do you protect a child from what he sees and just may be a figment of his imagination?

So, grab whatever superstitious talisman you can get your hands on because I have no weapon for this villain. Sit on the couch, turn off the lights, clutch your child and get ready for a mysterious journey into the world of the unknown. I guarantee you, the whole family will be seeing dead people by the time this film ends!

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  1. fifileigh says:

    i think stanley kubrick films are good halloween films, and they are based on reality.

    • dmacmunn says:

      I agree! Kubrick is one of my favorites! The only problem with his horror films is they really take their time. I don’t feel his films will keep a youngster’s attention. I stated before that there are exceptions to the rule. I am one of them. I loved to watch all kinds of films when young. From the classics to modern films. But most teens are not that way. You have to build their attention span slowly, with films that are designed to keep their interests. Also, Kubrick horror films have a lot of sexual content in them. My favorite is “The Shining.” But you can’t expect a parent and their kid to sit through those sex scenes with the old lady. Just not appropriate. I will wait until my kid is at least 16 before I show them a Kubrick film.

      • fifileigh says:

        i think they are also hard to figure out for some teens. it took me a while to figure it out, and i had to research stuff on the internet. then, i started to understand his movies better.

  2. dmacmunn says:

    Yeah, I agree. I am still learning from his films. I will definitely do a list of my 10 favorite Kubrick films in the near future.

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