“I have never killed a man, but I have read many obituaries with great pleasure.” Clarence Darrow

I like to think I have one true surprise in this life and it so happens to be my death. I don’t know how, I don’t know when and no clue as to what happens after; but I do know that I would like my physical being to be burned at sea not shoveled into the ground. Speaking of shoveling, lets take a look at where the dead live. The three most haunted cemeteries.


ST. LOUIS CEMETERY 1, NEW ORLEANS – This is among the oldest and most famous of cemeteries, it opened in 1789. In the 19th century, Marie Laveau the “Queen of Voodoo” is said to materialize annually to lead her faithful followers in worship on St. John’s Eve. There is also a way to summon Marie Laveau if you dare.

They say if you

  1. Deface the grave of Marie Laveau by drawing three X’s in black chalk
  2. Knock three times to make your presence known
  3. You will be visited by her angry spirit that very night


STULL CEMETERY (GATES TO HELL) KANSAS – This darling cemetery is known as one of the gateways to hell, Satan himself is said to appear on Halloween in the rubble of the old church there. He is said to have had a child by a witch and it is buried in this cemetery.


WESTERN BURIAL GROUND, WESTMINSTER PRESBYTERIAN CHURCHYARD, BALTIMORE, MD – One of my sweet pleasures Mr. Edgar Allan Poe was buried here in October of 1849. As story has it the ghost of dear Edgar comes to haunt the grounds around his birthday in January. The Cambridge skull is another eerie tale that hails from this cemetery; a minister was murdered and decapitated but his skull never stopped screaming. They gagged and buried his skull in cement, but the screams can be heard at all times of the day to the point of claiming the lives of individuals to insanity.

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Creepy dreams my sexy minions.



  1. Lucas Mangum says:

    Nice pics, man. I love N’awlins! I have a photo of me standing over Laveu’s grave (taken on my honeymoon, no less!).

    • dmacmunn says:

      Thanks. My Producer, Tanya, is in charge of this story. I love the second gravestone. Think it would make a great horror film. Check out my tv series which releases on Halloween. The first episode deals with the paranormal. If you love “The Twilight Zone” then come take “A Seat on a Train.”

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