Movie #5 is…… Scream!!!


So at this point you should have a garlic necklace, a gun loaded with a silver bullet, all your furniture nailed down and constantly checking your mechanical devices for little green creatures! Paranoid yet?

Well, it’s about to get worse because this next film introduces you to a villain that exists in our everyday life. It’s a villain that every person thinks about when walking down a dark alley at night. It’s a villain that created this whole sub genre but it didn’t happen in some small room with a typewriter. No, this villain is easy to find facts about, research and get this… most of it’s true!! The villain is the Serial Killer!

Now we are making that leap from safe content to the more violent content. I am trying to do this as gradually and as harmless as possible. But I can’t think of a better film to introduce the serial killer to your teen. These are the reasons I picked this film.

Reason #1– It’s somewhat teen friendly even though it’s rated R. Now “Scream” is rated R and by all means, it deserves this rating. It is extremely violent and has a few adult themes you may feel is inappropriate for your teen. But if you want to introduce them to horror films, then you are going to have to make some exceptions.

Now out of all the slasher films I think “Scream” is the best choice. Even though it is extremely violent, it has no nudity or sex scenes. If you rent “Friday the 13th,” “A Nightmare on Elm Street” or any other good slasher film, you are probably going to be faced with nudity and sex scenes. That’s why “Scream” got the pick. But let me warn you, they talk about sex and other inappropriate things, but at least you wont feel uncomfortable with watching nudity and sex scenes with your teen.

Reason #2– It was made for teens. This movie was definitely made for the younger crowd even though it’s so violent. Most of the characters are teenagers, what they talk about is teen stuff and the heroine is a teenager. There is no doubt in my mind that this film will grab your teen’s attention and keep it throughout! If he/she gets bored during this film, then there is something wrong with them. Get them a psychiatrist and hide the knife block, because your teen may be a serial killer in the making.

Reason #3– It’s a great intro to slasher films. Now, by no means do I think this is the best slasher film of all time. It’s not even in my top five but I do have a respect for it. Especially when it comes to explaining the slasher sub genre. Not only will this film keep your kid glued to the tv but it will also educate him on slasher films.

There is a great subplot going on throughout the whole film where two nerdy horror fanatics fight over slasher films. They dissect all the great killer films from the past and discuss the elements that all slasher films need to include to be considered a great slasher film. It is hard to explain but they also implement this into the plot and the whole film. It is genius. But let’s face it, you have a genius directing this film. Which leads me to Reason #4.

Reason #4– Wes Craven directed it! If you want an expert on good slasher films, then I think it goes without saying that Wes Craven makes the top of that list. If you are not familiar, he also directed the original “Nightmare on Elm Street,”  the original “Last House on the Left” and the original “The Hills Have Eyes.”  (You see what I mean about remakes! I have to state “the original” on almost every famous horror classic out there! It’s ridiculous!)

Anyway, these are all very famous slasher films that helped develop the horror films we watch today. This man is a master of horror. Believe it or not, but “Scream” is one of his more subtle films. Wow, that’s a scary thought.

The Last Reason #5– The mask! In all great Slasher films the villain has some sort of look, weapon or way of killing that separates him/her from the others. Scream does this amazingly and really creates a scary, memorable villain. His weapon is a huge kitchen knife that he jabs and lunges at his victims. His signature phone calls really sets up the tension before a murder is about to happen. And the most successful element that really separates this movie from others is the mask. This mask they chose is both chilling and memorable. When you spot the villain in the shadows, it is scary. This movie really plays with you and does it in a very original way. “Scream” is a really smart slasher film that puts the campiness in there on purpose. If they didn’t, it would’t be a campy slasher film. On top of that it comments on it’s campiness. It really is a well written, executed film. I should give it more props but I can’t turn my back on the classics that made “Scream” possible.

So, there we go, film #5. So lock all your doors. Check all your closets and crawl spaces because it is about to get really scary for you and your teen. This movie will not disappoint and will probably become a favorite for your teen.

So unplug the phones, hide any weapons where only you can find them and get ready to have the crap scared out of you. Definitely not the movie you want to watch before you go trick or treating!

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