In honor of the HALLOWEEN release of OUT OF PLACE from the series A SEAT ON A TRAIN, I would like to explore the phenomena of haunted trains. Being creeped and spooked out in fall especially October is one of my favorite feelings. I’ve always been interested in the paranormal going back to my childhood days playing the Ouija board. My dad would hide in my closet make eerie sounds and throw rice, we would all run out screaming and my dad would pop out laughing. I try not to have fear, but I do enjoy a good scare it evokes a certain kind of pleasure the kind of pleasure that only comes from the chill down your spine and the goosebumps on your skin. Here are a few of those pleasures.


LINCOLN’S FUNERAL TRAIN – At 8 a.m. the train departed from Washington with the coffins of Abraham Lincoln and his son Willie to Springfield, Illinois. There were nine cars, the ninth car is where the coffins lay. Around the anniversary of Lincoln’s death, the phantom train is said to appear and stop watches and clocks of the surrounding areas it passes.


ST. LOUIS LIGHT – This line is located south of Prince Albert and north of St. Louis, the tracks are no longer there yet a strange light moving up and down the abandoned rail line can be seen at night. One of the legends say that a conductor who was struck down and decapitated by a train while doing a routine check of the tracks is to blame for the haunting. The bright, yellowish light belong to the locomotive pulling his train and the smaller red one is the lantern he’s using to search for his head.


SILVERPILN – The Stockholm Metro. This urban legend has a couple versions, one states that the ghost train has only been seen in abandoned tunnels by subway workers. The other states that anyone can see it passing at high speeds after midnight, and to go further the Silverpiln stops and picks up passengers who either disappear forever or get off weeks or even months later.

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