Movie #3- Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet

So, with the first two movies, we introduced your teens to Monsters (Gremlins) and Vampires.  Since we have built a particular momentum with these creature features, I feel it is only fitting our next film will be about werewolves. And in my opinion, there is no better film to give werewolves the proper introduction than “Silver Bullet!”

Remember when I said Corey Haim will pop up again? Well, here he is again and it’s another great film from the 80’s. But Corey Haim doesn’t play your typical heart throb in this film. This was before he broke into stardom, but we will get to that later.

Honestly, I am shocked that this film has slipped between the cracks! Almost everyone I mention this film to, have never seen it or even heard of it. I think this is a tragedy to say the least! “Silver Bullet” is a forgotten gem that I recommend everyone seeing, young and old.

It’s based on a Stephen King short story called “Cycle of the Werewolf.” Not only did Stephen King write a chilling, interesting horror story, but he also proved once again why he is known as the king of horror. This time he created an amazing werewolf story that competes with the classics of it’s time.  Here are the reasons I picked this film.

Reason #1– First of all, the two main characters are kids. This story is about a boy and his sister who both make the decisions and drive the plot. So, even though this movie is Rated R, it was obviously made for the younger viewer. This is a fantastic element to the film because there is nothing more scary than watching an innocent young character, that you care about, put into harms way. Then to top it off, Stephen King put the kid in a wheelchair.  Yeah… I said it… a wheel chair!  What better way to play on the audience’s  emotions, then  to put a cute, innocent kid in a wheelchair and have him chased around by a big scary werewolf.  Do I need to say more? I tell you, this choice alone really ups the ante in this film. So much, that it puts this film on the top of my “best horror movies of all time” list.

Reason #2– Gary Busey is in it! I will watch anything with Gary Busey in it because he is so interesting to watch! He’s almost like a cartoon character. In this film he plays the unusual role of a drunk, crazy uncle. Now, even though it was a long stretch for me to picture Busey as a crazy drunk, he still did a good job anyway. Just kidding. He was perfect for this role and does an amazing job at it! He adds a great comical element to the movie and plays the typical cool uncle that every kid wants growing up, even though he’s a drunk. He also adds that needed adult cynism every time the kids mention the werewolf. I think every kid should be exposed to Gary Busey at a young age… just to show them a good example of what crazy is!

Reason #3– It has a really cool subplot. I thought this part of the movie was so cool as a kid and still do today. So, not only is the “horror” part of the movie excellent, but it has this great subplot about the silver bullet. We all know the only way to kill a werewolf is with a silver bullet. Well, the silver bullet in this movie is not what you think, it’s actually the name of the kid’s wheel chair.  The drunk Uncle builds his nephew a three wheeled, gas engine powered wheel chair that looks like a motorcycle. How cool is that?

When I was a kid, this really caught my attention. Every kid dreams of go-carts, dirt bikes and other gas powered devices. But not only did it keep my interest in the film, it also made me forget about the werewolf completely. That naturally set me up for a lot of scary moments, which this movie capitalizes on perfectly. So, get ready to jump! I guarantee you, this part of the movie will really catch your teen’s attention and will keep them interested, especially if it’s a boy.

Reason #4– It sticks to the rules and it’s simple. “Silver Bullet” is a great, simple introduction to werewolves for your teen. I said it before and I will say it again, stick to the basic rules within the myth created! Stop changing the main rules Hollywood!  Just like “The Lost Boys,” this film is a great, simple, modern day execution of the classic creature feature. It sticks to the rules, teaches the audience about the rules and implements them perfectly in the plot.

I will go as far as stating that this is one of the most memorable horror movies from my childhood. Not only did it pique my interests but it also scared the crap out of me! I warn you now, this movie is very scary and that is why it gets a R rating! There are some very chilling, violent scenes and a little touch of profanity. So be a cautious with this one. Other than the violence, this is the perfect horror film for your teen to watch.

The last reason #5–  The Twist! This is the most important reason for me! I love twists and live for them! And let me tell you, the twist in this film, is no less than awesome!!! One of the best twists I have experienced! Absolutely awesome!!! You wont believe it! And to top it off, you don’t have to wait until the end for this twist. It comes out of nowhere and really sends a chill up and down your spine. I can say no more! Watch it! You wont be disappointed!

So, that wraps up movie # 3 of this blog! “Silver Bullet” is the perfect #3 movie for your teen to watch.  Just like “The Lost Boys,” it really sets the tone from the beginning.  It may be a little more violent than the first 2 but its still a good building block to the more intense horror films. The deep tuba score that plays when the werewolf is near, is chilling enough in itself.  I guarantee, you and your teen will be clutching on to something for dear life… be it a pillow… a stuffed animal… or each other. This is a must see film!

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