Movie #2- The Lost Boys!!!

The Lost Boys Film Poster Small

Now I know some of you are rolling your eyes and saying, “Why did he pick this film?” To your surprise, this list will contain two films featuring the 1980’s heart throb, Corey Haim! Honestly, I don’t understand why everyone has this resentment towards the actor. Most of the films he starred in were pretty good, including “License to Drive.” By no means were they Oscar worthy films, but they were fun and entertaining. I would definitely take “The Lost Boys” over the god awful “Twilight series!” Yeah, I said it! Here are the reasons I picked this film.

Reason #1– Remember the days when Vampires were instantly destroyed by sun light? Boy do I miss those days. Now it seems like they are truly immortal and there are no setbacks to being a Vampire! The whole myth has been contorted to fit Hollywood’s bank roll and the need to ooohhhh and awe the audiences! They did the same thing to Zombies! There is a line in the movie “World’s Greatest Dad” that I love. (great movie starring Robin Williams, also written and directed by Bobcat Goldthwaith.) The neighbor tells the Robin Williams character that she doesn’t like modern day Zombie films. He agrees and says “I remember when being dead was an impediment.” Love that line because it is so true! Once again they have found a way to take away the whole myth of the Zombie and make it into a whole different creature. Zombies today are all hopped up on energy drinks or something.

Well, “The Lost Boys” is a modern day vampire story that sticks to the classic rules and it does it amazingly! Not only does it have a great 80’s feel with a rad soundtrack, but it’s also a great beginner’s guide into the Vampire world for your newbie!  It uses the daylight rule, the stake in the heart rule, holy water rule and most importantly to me, the “a vampire has to be invited to enter your house or he will be powerless while inside” rule. It was made for teens and is suitable for teens! It also has some great jumpy, scary moments and a climatic ending with a twist! I definitely suggest this all star cast film, including Corey Theldman and Keifer Sutherland! I will go as far as comparing it to John Hughes film’s like “The Breakfast Club” or ” Sixteen Candles” because of it’s great homage to the 80’s. It’s definitely the John Hughes version of a Vampire film.

(That leads me to my soap box, so get ready!!! Stop changing the rules Hollywood! The great mystique of the Vampire is that he  can only survive in the dark! If you don’t have this set back then everyone would want to be a Vampire! I would trade my heart beat to go fly around and do whatever I want forever! I believe most of us would! In life, everything is a trade off! If you want success you may sacrifice having a family!  You don’t buy that Bentley because you need your riches for a house. Well, those rules apply to Vampires also! If you want to be immortal, then you have to give up daylight! Without this trade off, there isn’t a compelling story! What stops them from going around and killing everyone! I don’t mind modern takes or any take for that matter on the Vampire story, but you have to keep the basic rules that make them so mysterious and dark. Without the rules the whole myth is destroyed!!! You have been 86’d Hollywood!! No more Vampire stories for you!!!)

Reason #2– The feel! The movie really has this dark quality with the music enhancing the whole experience, but it also has this campy underline with the dialog and actors! It definitely sets the mood for Halloween! I guarantee you, when you turn off those lights and start that movie, you will see what I’m talking about! Definitely one of the best modern day Vampire films made!

Reason #3– It’s made for teens. This movie was obviously trying to target the youth of the 80’s even though it has a R rating. It does have some scary moments and some vulgar language, but the R rating really puzzles me. I guess “The Lost Boys” was before the PG 13 rating came about, because I would definitely rate it as that. There are tons of PG  and PG 13 movies, that are far worse than this film, out there today, regarding content. I really think they should put the ratings team together and update all the ratings on older films because the ratings definitely don’t fit our times. On my soap box again, sorry.

The Last Reason #4– Just like “Gremlins,” this movie is simple! I can’t stress this enough for young viewers. You have to wait till a certain age to show them certain films. For example, my favorite film is “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s nest.” I love this film and have since I was 10 years old. But to my surprise, when I was a kid, I found that my friends didn’t have the same feelings.  All of them found it boring and most teens unfortunately feel the same. So I will wait until my kid is at least 16 to show him/her this film. Of course some kids are different, like myself, and appreciate the more complex films. It’s your call but remember this, you have one chance to show your protegé your favorite film. Don’t screw it up! Pick the perfect time! Same should go for your favorite Horror collection.

So, that wraps up Movie # 2 on my list! This is a great second film to follow “Gremlins.” It’s a little bit more serious with a little bit more violence and bad language. I believe they are both equally scary, but the film you should pick to introduce the Vampire genre is “The Lost Boys.”

See you tomorrow for Movie #3. And don’t forget to check out my trailer for my new television series “A Seat on a Train” at http://www.asetonatrain.com


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